Bomberman Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The Title Screen.
The game starts with an overhead map of all the crazy places you'll visit.
Stage 1, and your bombs aren't all that powerful...
...but blow up enough blocks and you'll find some power ups that will help you out.
Look out for those...uh...balloons?
A few power ups later, and now the explosions are starting to look impressive.
Get extra bomb power ups, and you can start chains of explosions. Just be careful where you stand...
Stage complete!
As you progress further in the game, new weird-looking enemies will begin to appear...
You can play multi-player mode with up to 8 human or CPU controlled players.
There's lots of stages and options to tweak in multiplayer mode.
Multiplayer uses two screens instead of just one.
Some stages take on different motifs.
Another fellow competitor buys the farm.
When a player dies, he'll leave all his power ups scattered on the battlefield.
Now THAT'S an explosion!
Round one goes to the pink player!
Look out for skulls -- in case you hadn't guessed, they're bad for you.