Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Splash screen.
Main menu.
Quick play menu.
Select your writing hand.
Playing Sudoku doesn't count as brain training.
There is limited number of mistakes allowed in Sudoku.
This is how our brain is supposed to look like after playing this game.
Some games may require you to talk into the microphone.
Solving math equations.
Brain age depicts your last score.
All the training progress is tied to your user profile.
Connecting letters and numbers in a correct order without touching wrong ones.
Counting mini-game.
Counting game becomes tougher as it draws closer to an end.
Today's brain age test result.
Graph will graphically display your daily training.
Over time more and more training games will become available.
You can't skip through tutorial, even if you've read it already.
Each mini-game will save your top three records.
Walking speed is the slowest speed indicator for your brain.
You earn stamp for every day you train with at least one mini-game.
Memorizing numbers from smallest to largest.
Entering memorized numbers from low to high.