Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4 Credits

Brain Quest

Published byElectronic Arts Inc.
A Production ofElectronic Arts Los Angeles Casual Studio
Executive ProducerScott Walker
Senior ProducerPhilip DeLuca
ProducerDaniel Hagerty
Assistant ProducerMitchell J. Moore

Planet Moon Studios

Project DirectorJames Wilson
Lead ArtistRobert Mouck
Lead ProgrammersTim Ambrogi, Luke Zulauf
Executive ProducersScott Guest, Aaron Loeb
Assistant ProducerLisa Swart

Engineering Team

Technical DirectorScott Guest
Senior ProgrammerMartin Brownlow
ProgrammersChris Cornell, David Graham, Tyson Roberts
Additional ProgrammingJason Earp, Raven Alef

Art Team

Art DirectorKen Capelli
ArtistsMark Sottilaro, Art Wong
Additional ArtEdwin Abrescy, Rachelle Daniele, GameVision, Rachel Gray, Steve Royer
Art ManagerLisa Swart

Editorial, Design & Audio Team

Quest Mode Designed byBrian Harris
Quest Mode Written byBrian Harris
Quest Mode Edited byMatt Sammons
MusicJustin Mullens
Sound EffectsJustin Mullens
Additional DesignTim Ambrogi, Robert Mouck, James Wilson, Luke Zulauf
Editorial Provided byKeridwen Luis, Jude McLaughlin, Kristin Knaus Satterlee, Laurie Rozakis (Dr.)
Publication Services, Project ManagerMegan Washburn
Additional Editorial Provided byTarida Anantachai, Susan L. Hayes, Deborah J. Kops, Heather Miller, Mike Nystul, David Pence Jr
Planet Moon StudiosEleanor Ripp, Caroline Roop
Editorial ProductionRaven Alef, Davey Lei

Planet Moon Studios Leadership

CEOBob Stevenson
PresidentNick Bruty
COOAaron Loeb
Art DirectorKen Capelli
Director of TechnologyScott Guest
Director of OperationsEllie White
Head WriterTim Williams
AdministratorChristen Karle
ITNicole Rathbun

Quality Assurance - Electronic Arts

QA DirectorDavid Steele
QA ManagerDarren Merritt
QA Test LeadsAdam Bailey, Michael Cook, Chase Swanson
EA Embedded TesterShawn Goff

Quality Assurance - VMC Game Labs

Project ManagerLinda Lemieux
QA Senior Test LeadKeith Earley
QA Test LeadJonathan Villanueva
Senior TesterPhilip Roy
TestersJustin Vazquez, Bobby Brown, Alexandre Kerametlian, Alezander Nguyen

EA Casual Entertainment Leadership

PresidentKathy Vrabeck
Vice President, StudiosRobert Nashak
Vice President, MarketingRussell Arons

Marketing, Public Relations, and Research

Marketing DirectorSarah Handley
Product ManagerAvi Rosenstein
Public Relations ManagerBrooke Cahalane
Senior PublicistKatie Carrico
Public Relations CoordinatorPalmira Farrow
Director, Consumer ResearchBuwon Tran
Manager, Consumer ResearchTia Christianson
DocumentationDavid Craddock
Package Project ManagementRebecca Wachob
Package DesignHamagami / Carroll
Marketing Video EditorsAbby Zirkle, Drew Stauffer

Studio Support

Director, Studio OperationsThilo W. Huebner
EALA Mastering Lab ManagerJames Geiger
EALA Mastering LabLouis BurgueƱo, John Freeman
Human ResourcesCarrie Sonntag
Finance TeamRoss Thomas, Karen Szasz, Alexis Beamon
Administrative SupportTracy Alder, Bobby Moldavon

Special Thanks

To Everyone at Electronic Arts for their support, especiallyJohn Riccitiello, Kathy Vrabeck, John Fendall, Gabrielle Toledano, Joel Linzner, Gerhard Florin, Customer Quality Control, European Certification Group
Development Team Special ThanksThe team would like to thank their family and friends., Without their support, this game would not have been possible., Kelle DeLuca, Erik Vozka, Alexander Vozka, Logan DeLuca, Jessica DeLuca, Benjamin Hagerty, Kieran Hagerty, Kendra Moore, Serena Wong
Planet Moon would like to thankRob Ambrogi, Kathi Ambrogi, Matt Ambrogi, Mike Ambrogi, Andie Brownlow, Robby Brownlow, Candice, Frank, Friends and Family, Eva Capelli (for being in the target audience for once!), Tricia Mouck, and the Moucks, Raven Ebner, Sarah Esmaili, Erin, Caleb, Henry and Dottie, Family, friends, and to Joe and Bill, Jennifer Prunewinkel, Amelia, Lucy, Katrin, Dan and Big Boy Finn, Claire Guest, Holly Guest, Jack Guest, Michael Mika Sr., Chris Charla, Kathy Loeb Roberts, Talitha Jane Loeb Roberts, Lucy Saxon (The Highly Excellent Miss Lucy Saxon), David R. Sullivan
Very Special ThanksPat Upton, Workman Publishing

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (200308)