Brain Voyage Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Brain Voyage Credits

Razorback Developments Ltd.

Original Game ConceptIan Livingstone
Game DesignReiner Knizia
Assistant DesignerSebastian Bleasdale
Managing DirectorDavid Leitch
Commercial DirectorJeff Tawney
ProductionDavid Leitch, Mike Daw
ProgrammingCharlie Scott-Skinner, Matthew Downie, Khanh Nguyen-Thanh, Paul Carruthers, Geoff Woods, Paul Sinnett
ArtRob Swinburn, Daniel Malone, Nick Thomas, Rufus Flack
DesignAdam Board
AudioMike Daw

Eidos, Inc.

CEOWilliam Gardner
President of Eidos North AmericaWilliam Gardner
EVP of SalesRobert Lindsey
EVP of MarketingRobert Lindsey
VP of FinanceMalcolm Dunne
VP, Legal & Business AffairsJoe Cademartori
VP of New Business DevelopmentDavid Clark
Director of MarketingKarl Stewart
Creative DirectorKarl Stewart
Director of NA Development Relations Nick Goldsworthy
Associate Marketing ManagerDiane Eng
Public Relations SpecialistStanley Phan
Creative Services Project AdministratorJulie Moretti
Graphic DesignersConnie Cheung, Jim Sanning
Associate Web ProducerJohn Lerma
National Sales DirectorJoseph Morici
Regional Sales ManagerHolly Robinson
Senior Sales & Marketing AnalystIlana Budanitsky
Channel Marketing ManagerLeon Harmon Jr.
Channel Marketing SpecialistRafal Dudziec
Channel Marketing RepresentativeDavid Bushee
Publishing CoordinatorClint Waasted
Legal & Business Affairs ManagerClint Waasted
Operations ManagerGregory Wu
Assistant ProducerKari Hattner
Product Specialist SupervisorChester Lee
Product SpecialistsThomas Bengford, Stephen Cavoretto, Jeffrey Lowe
U.S. Mastering & Submission SupervisorJordan Romaidis
Event SpecialistRudy Geronimo
ManualHanshaw Ink & Image
Special ThanksMatt Gorman, Michelle Seebach Curran, Michael Tran, Roderick van Gelder, Danny Jiang

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61894)