Advertising Blurbs

Rising Star website:
    Bubble Bobble is back again! This time take Bub, Bob and newcomer, Bubu, on a perilous journey through 100 levels of bubble-blowing mayhem!

    All was quiet in the Rainbow Islands so Bub and Bob went to visit their cousin Bubu. With nothing to do, the intrepid trio explore their grandfather's house and chance upon a mysterious treasure map. Following the directions, Bub, Bob and Bubu set off on an adventurous quest to discover what the treasure is!

    • Gameplay across both screens
    • Players can switch characters to take out certain colour-coded enemies
    • Bub, Bob and Bubu can each shoot bubbles in different hues
    • Touch Screen micro games offer a chance to continue when all lives are lost
    • 100 level Single Player mode
    • Master the new colour techniques and team up with your friends for incredible three-player Co-operative action!
    • Special Co-op mode means that two players can work together just like in the classic original!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Mar 18, 2008.