Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Ohh no! Soma has obliterated Lord Cthulhu!
More screenshots from the "Super Action Intro" of the game.
Another intro shot, where Soma introduces Dawn of Sorrow's touch-screen gimmick.
Start menu
Right off the bat Soma gets to kill some rather impressive-looking beasties.
You aren't fooling anyone Alucard, you might as well just drop the lame Japanesation of your name and fess up.
Starting the main quest. From this point on the fact that this game takes place in the future will never enter the equation.
Fancy action lines
Battling Castlevania's staple enemy - Skeletons!
Castlevania was so much better off with stylish goth artwork rather than this manga crap.
Gahhh! Is this guy going to cause trouble again?
Slaying critters by the bus-load.
Don't forget to save your game a lot, at least early in the game.
Fighting the first boss. He's easy once you figure out what in your arsenal hurts him the most.
And this is how your in-game menu looks like.
Flying armor boss is dead and is being absorbed by the seal.
Doesn't this make you feel kinda sad? This Flying armor guy lived here - probably had a pet cat too... and now you killed him, and his cat is gonna starve to death! You bastard!
Check out the nifty 3D village in the background.
Battling a tiny poltergeist.
You might see this screen quite a bit early in the game.