City Life DS Credits


Lead ProgrammerFrançois Francken
ProgrammerJulien Jegou, Grégory Joseph, Damien Levacher, Julian Vergne, David-Vesa Cohen
Game Design LeadJulien Molteni
Game DesignFrederik Raducki, Jean-Eudes Thuroczy
ScenarioJulien Millet, Julien Molteni
DialoguesDinga Bakaba, Julien Millet
Interface DesignLudovic Delcroix, Natalia Renault
3d CharactersEmilie Guilloux
AnimationsEmilie Guilloux
Project LeadJulien Millet
Wizarbox CTOCyril Labordrie
Wizarbox CEOFabien Bihour
Monte CristoJean-Christophe Marquis, Jérôme Gastaldi
DeveloperPascal Héry
Lead ProducerPascal Héry
Technical LeadPatrick Marchal
Marketing TeamJulia Salmon
SoundSylvain Prunier
Game Design Consultantthe game design studio, Pascal Luban
Test Lead:Sandro Hoffmann, Frédéric Lasseret
TestPlaysoft, Nicolas Bensignor
Music ProductionDynamedion, Fabian Del Priore, Markus Schmidt
LocalizationDL Multimedia, Emma Kreuz
ThanksDavid Hockley, Sébastien Guilbert, Nicolas Silmon, Florent Lourat, Nicolas Sorouat, Virginie Hery, Florian Jennequin

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Julien Jegou, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Genki (1817)