Contra 4 (Nintendo DS)

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Contra 4 Credits

Konami Digital Entertainment

Chairman and CEOKazumi Kitaue
Executive Vice PresidentShinji Hirano
Vice President of ProductionBrian F. Christian
ProducerWilliam Oertel
Associate ProducerSimon Lai, Tomm Hulett
Assistant Manager of Product SupportKensaku Nakata
QA LeadPearl Lu
QA Project LeadRyan Graff, Quality Assurance by Babel Media
VP of MarketingAnthony Crouts
VP of OperationsTodd Koniares
Director of MarketingRozita Tolouey
Senior Product ManagerPatrick Dillon
Director of SalesPaula Cook
Director of Public RelationsMarc Franklin
Customer ServiceBrandis Dutton
Special ThanksNobuya Nakazato, Atsushi Tsujimoto, Anthony Borquez, Yukako Hamaguchi, Dennis Lee, Tonie Madrid, Charles Murakami, Ryan Payton, Jason Ray, Victor Rodriguez, Konami Mobile Group, Patty, William, Dominique Oertel, Mom, Dad, and Girl. Alex, Bakie, Randy, and the Bay Area Crew, Lauren Hulett. James and Joan Hulett, J.P, Curtis, and countless gamer friends. Anthony, Keith, and Nich, The Contra Headquarters, Contra Fans of the past, present, and future.

Wayforward Technologies

Tyrannical OverlordVoldi Way
CEOJohn Beck
DirectorMatt Bozon
ProducerChristopher Watson
Lead ProgrammerRobert Koshak
Assistant DirectorSean Velasco
Animation DirectorMarc Gomez
Scenario DesignerCole Philips
3D Technical LeadJason Hitchens
Game ProgrammersMichael de la Peña, Jeff Lee, Stephen Foot, Larry Holdaway, Ian Dunlop
Wireless ProgrammersBrian Littrell, Chris Losorelli
Additional Game ProgrammersJim Kelly, Josh Graham, David A. Diano, Jeff McGlynn, Mike Parks
Engine & Tools ProgrammersJohn Eric Hart, James Chan, Jonathan Rucker, Lee McDole
NES ProgrammerNate Trost
Additional ProgrammersDanny Kellogg, Michael W. Stragey, Jimmy Huey, John Sensebe, David Wright
Backgrounds & BossesHenk Nieborg
MusicJake Kaufman
SFXJake Kaufman
Character AnimationChris Kerlegon, Joakim Sandberg
Level DesignMike Herbster
3D AnimationDav Lyman
Additional AnimationEun hi Lee, Adam Tierney, Paul Robertson, Jacob Stevens, James Montagna
3D ArtBen Badgett
Sprite DesignGustav Kilman, Ken Fejer
Additional Sprite DesignJosh Astorian, Simon Andersen, Mads Peter Vedsten Larsen, Ben Rosaschi
Additional Boss ArtWinking Entertainment
Additional Level DesignMike Pace
Concept ArtRyan Deluca, Paul Nelson
Interface DesignAnton Wiklund
Video EditingDavid Williams
IllustrationsImaginary Friends Studios, Edmund Shern, Wei Ting
Quality AssuranceChris Anderson, Matt Paniagua, Angie Cardone, Meghann Tauch
ContributorsAmanda Soto, Raymond L. Maple, Mark Bozon, Jeremy Dower, Eric Rollman
PRJordan Mayer
Special ThanksAdriana Watson, Erin Bozon, MikeFireball, Neal Tew (original PocketNES software core), All WayForward Staff

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