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Cradle of Rome (Nintendo DS)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Cradle of Rome Credits GmbH

ProducerStefan Jülke
Graphic ArtistAnnika Wächtler
TestersCarsten Asaël, Christian Baumgarten, Julian Broich, Christoph Klesser, Sandro Mohrholz, Dirk Ohler, Robin Piniek, Kathrin Thiele, Annika Wächtler, Stefan Wackernagel, Christian Winkler


ProgrammingMax Kravchuk, Gennadiy Brych, Olexandr Dyedyk

Awem Studio

Original Game Design and IdeaOleg Rogovenko, Olga Krutalevich
Graphic ArtistsMax Grummo, Natasha Rakutina, Vasiliy Korolev, Pavel Kuleshov
Music and Sound EffectsOnixmusic, The Sands

D3Publisher of America, Inc.

Senior ProducerTimothy Ramage
Assistant ProducerSteven J. Kasparek Jr.
Senior TesterJustin W. McCabe
TestersJacob Vallance, Kevin M. Campbell, Brad Lyke
First Party SpecialistDrew Johnson
Customer Service SpecialistTyler Kimmel
Marketing ManagerSam Guilloud
Publicity ManagerTamara Sanderson
PublicistMegan Korns Russell
Special ThanksBill Anker, Peter Andrew, Alison Quirion, Kim Motika, John Costeines, Michael Greene, Joe Fletcher, Jeremy S. Barnes, Jon Virtes, Mayumi Dietrich, Kaori Takasue, Yoji Takenaka, Yūji Itō

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (131768)