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Game Vortex (Jun 15, 2008)
It feels more like an advertisement for young kids that are on their way to being aggressive contributors on Internet boards, listservs, and user groups. The girl-themed game is a good one, which if not well made, at least contains enough substance to impart some wisdom onto its target audience. If not, at least we tried... Keeping a journal is good discipline and there's a sufficient amount of fun contained here to capture the interest of some girls, especially those with plenty of previous exposure to the DS. Not sure that any girl is going to run out and dump their paper journal in favor of Diary Girl, but it stands out as a neat experiment that may just find its audience.
Diary Girl is by no means broken or bad, but it comes off as simplistic compared to other application-like DS titles like Brain Age and Jam Sessions, and isn't likely to hold any long-term appeal. Furthermore, there's something special about a hand-written journal (or even digital files that can be stored and transferred to CDs) that a confined, cartridge-based application just can't match.
IGN (Apr 18, 2008)
There are a lot of features in Diary Girl, but the sum value of all of them doesn’t make the game worth its price tag. The fact of the matter is that most of the features are just not that useful. The games aren’t that fun, the chat is redundant and the diary feature is less useful and more effort than just physically writing in a diary. Making lame versions of a bunch of different things isn't a recipe for success. It's definitely no secret that Diary Girl is not worth your money.