Drawn to Life Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Drawn to Life Credits

5TH Cell

Directed byJeremiah Slaczka
Technical DirectorMarius Fahlbusch
Lead ProgrammerBrian D. Firfer
Object ProgrammerO'wes Beck
Village ProgrammerZachary Brown
AI ProgrammerSteve Chiavelli
Draw Mode ProgrammerIan Hall
Graphics ProgrammerCharles Skoda
Network ProgrammersSteven Joseph, Brian D. Firfer
Assistant ProgrammerLuke Thompson
Lead DesignerJeremiah Slaczka
Level DesignersJeff Luke, James Youngman
Village Scenario DesignJoseph M. Tringali
Lead ArtistChow Chern Fai
ArtistsKarina Lye See Mun, Ginnie Tee Seah Nee
AnimationPaul Robertson
Promotional ArtistEdison Yan
Art ProductionSherman Chin Lit Kong, Tiffany Lim, James Youngman
Associate ArtistJeff Luke
Art DirectorJeremiah Slaczka
Quality Assurance ManagerBrett Caird
Quality Assurance EngineersLuke Thompson, Justin Arruda
Web DemoChristian Senjaya
SoundDavid J. Franco
MusicDavid J. Franco
"The End" Theme Performed byHayley Chipman, David J. Franco
Lyrics byDavid J. Franco
Voice ActingMolly Hymas, David J. Franco
Executive ProducerJoseph M. Tringali
Original ConceptJeremiah Slaczka


Project ManagerGeorge Collins
Creative ManagerScott Rogers
Art DirectorThom Ang
Vice President Project ManagementRichard Browne
Senior Vice President Product DevelopmentSteve Dauterman
Director Global Brand ManagementSarah Handley
Associate Brand ManagerJoanne Tam
Director, Global Media RelationsKristina Kirk
Media Relations ManagerKathy Bricaud
Media Relations CoordinatorKaren Fujimoto
Director, Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Creative Services CoordinatorLindsey Talbot
Director, Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
QA ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda
Test SupervisorJoel Dagang
Test LeadAndrew Frederiksen
TestersBrandon Johnson, Elliot Kuykendall, Chris Cleve, Ryan Cope, Joel Marcantel, Charles Elgin
First Party SupervisorAdam Affrunti
First Party SpecialistsGeorgeina Schaller, David Legois, Russell Brock, Scott Ritchie, Todd Thommes
QA Technician SupervisorRichard Jones
QA TechniciansMichael Zlotnicki, Justin Drolet, Ryan Cashman
Mastering Lab SupervisorAnthony Dunnet
Mastering Lab TechniciansGlen Peters, T. Ryan Arnold, Heidi Salguero, Ryan Fell
Remastering Project ManagerCharles Batarse
Database AdministratorJonathan Gill
Database Applications EngineerBrian Kincaid
Playability Engineering Lab CoordinatorDavid Wilson
QA Operations CoordinatorsSteve Nelson, Omar Flores
HR GeneralistEve Waldman
Special Thanks ToNintendo of America, Dan Adelman, Sam Self, Dana Brockman, Sean Heffron, Tim Campbell, Daryl Bibby, James Barrell, Sherman 3D sdn bhd, Adam Tierney, Nina Pinsker, Kaori Yamada, Brittany Aubert, Zach Peterson (next season!), Ninja Sharks with Lazers, Joann Buckley Collins, Spencer Collins, Tucker Everett Collins, Brenda Lee Rogers, Evelyn Rogers, Jack Rogers, Krishna Dindial, Kathleen Nicholls

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (174720)