Eragon (Nintendo DS)

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GamerDad (Jan 02, 2007)
DS: cool graphics and nice action make this a great choice despite more flaws than the GBA version.
76 (Dec 08, 2006)
Die Handheld-Eragons haben mich eiskalt erwischt: Nachdem Amaze Entertainment zuletzt mit den zweiten verfluchten Karibikpiraten ganz tief ins Gamedesign-Klo gegriffen haben, wurde hier saubere Arbeit abgeliefert. Besonders die DS-Fassung ist erstaunlich gelungen – schöne 3D-Grafik, nette RPG-Elemente, simple Quests, leichte Kämpfe und schöne Storyführung bilden summa summarum ein feines Action-Adventure, das seinen Zelda-Einschlag kaum verleugnen kann. Die PSP-Fassung ist prinzipiell auch eine prima Sache, ist sie doch keine einfache Konvertierung der großen Versionen, sondern widmet sich der sonst so vernachlässigten Drachen-Perspektive von Eragon und liefert eine schöne Kulisse. Allerdings steht die fummelige Steuerung einen flüssigen Spielvergnügen stur im Wege, auch das abwechslungsarme Spieldesign, das im Grunde nur aus »Flamme hier alles zugrunde« und »Wirf hier einen dicken Stein hin« vermag nicht längerfristig an den Handheld zu fesseln.
N-Zone (Jan 29, 2007)
Mal sammelt ihr Gegenstände ein, mal müsst ihr einen bestimmten Ort innerhalb eines Zeitlimits erreichen. Allerdings wirkt dieser Aspekt sehr aufgesetzt und verleiht nicht die spielerische Tiefe, welche eine Zelda-Sidequest bietet. In Wäldern und weiten Steppen trefft ihr auf Feinde wie Orks oder Wölfe. Bewaffnet mit Pfeil und Bogen sowie einem Dolch könnt ihr euren Gegnern den Garaus machen. Technisch präsentiert sich der Titel recht gut. Die Grafik passt, der Sound ebenfalls. Eragon bietet reine, sehr lineare Adventure-Kost, die vor allem für Anhänger des Genres einen Blick wert ist.
IGN (Dec 07, 2006)
Eragon for the DS is a game so ambitious and huge, absolutely refusing to scale down its console-like design that I have to recommend it in spite of its many flaws. I actually wish it weren't a movie tie-in so that Amaze could revisit the game, address its problems and continue the series on the DS. Easily-frustrated gamers may be put off by several of the above-mentioned criticisms, but those looking for a solid action title (and willing to overlook some nagging flaws) might find something very special here.
Game Chronicles (Dec 12, 2006)
Much like the home consoles’ classics like Zelda and Fable, Eragon does an excellent job of combining solid RPG elements with user-friendly gameplay. Eragon might not be the best game to come along for the DS, but it definitely is enjoyable and rewarding for what it is worth.
1UP (Dec 04, 2006)
With combat that is just easy enough to engage the younger crowd, borrowed elements that keep the game from being boring, and a storyline that the kids already love, Eragon on the DS makes for an adequate movie-licensed RPG-lite for adventuring tweens everywhere.
GameSpot (Dec 13, 2006)
Eragon does have its problems, but it's still a decent game overall. The combat is repetitive but it works well, the levels are huge and fun to explore, and the game is easy on the eyes. The touch-screen controls are poorly designed and tend to clash with the rest of the action, but for the most part you can ignore them. The game is also quite short and can easily be finished on a single charge of your DS. But despite all of that, Eragon is worth a look if you're in the market for a simple action adventure game.
NGamer (Dec, 2006)
Based on the as-yet unreleased movie about a young boy who finds a dragon egg and learns he's destined to save the entire kingdom, this DS release makes a half-decent stab at creating an RPG of the story. But that, of course, means it's also half-rubbish. In splurgy, awkward 3D, the controls require a mutant third arm in order to use all the buttons and draw glyphs on the screen. While the combat is quite fun, with new skills frequently added, it's also a bit too repetitive, and baddies are quite happy to stand still while you fill them with arrows. If only the quests weren't utter bilge (pick up ten sticks, run through ten rings...) then this might have gripped us.
60 (Dec 21, 2006)
De toutes les adaptations du film en jeux vidéo, cet Eragon sur DS est sans doute la meilleure. Le titre ne manque pas d'atouts, mais il est trop facile et manque vraiment de profondeur. Il touche un peu à tout sans parvenir à trouver ses marques. Eragon manque d'ampleur et reste un petit jeu idéal pour s'initier en douceur au jeu d'action et d'aventure.
50 (Jan 08, 2007)
Eragon does have its problems, and for all the areas it tries so hard on, it really turns out to be “just okay”. The combat is repetitive but it works well, the levels are large but not that fun to explore and the graphics are well done. The touch-screen controls are poorly designed and tend to clash with the rest of the action, but except for one or two mandatory parts of the game, you can ignore them. The game is also quite short and can easily be finished on a single charge of your DS…. but is a pleasant enough way to kill time for a few yours. If the lure of dragons, explosions, and movie tie-ins become too strong, then just save yourself some of your hoard and rent Eragon instead.