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Etrian Odyssey (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.9
Overall MobyScore (7 votes) 3.8

The Press Says

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Reprenant les bases des Dungeon-RPG classiques à la première personne, le titre du studio R&D1 d'Atlus est très réussi, surprenant, délicieux. Mêlant 3D et 2D avec brio, le titre exploite bien la machine et progresser dans cet immense labyrinthe devient un régal pour les gens qui aiment l'aventure et l'exploration. Le gameplay est très solide et maîtrisé, et le challenge offert par le soft vous obligera à l'exploiter jusqu'à la moelle pour survivre. En effet Etrian Odyssey est loin d'être facile. Le challenge est très présent surtout pour ceux qui cherchent à tout faire dans ce jeu. Un titre délicieusement old school qui ne dévoilera toutes ses facettes qu'aux plus courageux d'entre vous. Avis aux amateurs...
Cheat Code Central
Those who can look beyond the basic presentation and steep difficulty curve will find Etrian Odyssey to be one of the lengthiest and most immersive role playing experiences on the DS to date. Plenty of opportunities for customization give players freedom to tailor the play experience to their own personal preferences. Essentially, you can take what you want from the game and leave the rest. Few of the missions are actually required, and you can easily focus more time on cartography, leveling up, and proceeding through the dungeons. Or instead you may find your time better spent treasure hunting and taking on the dozens of various side-quests to pump up your party to the max. Either way, there's plenty to do.
Etrian Odyssey is not for everyone but it's perfect for who loves a challenging hardcore dungeon crawler where most of the time you'll be drawing maps and... die. The atmosphere and charm are present, the interface is very well-done and also the gameplay never bores. A topgame in its little accessible genre.
Games TM
Etrian Odyssey's punishing difficulty is actually the key to its addictive allure. If your adventurers do meet their maker sooner than planned, then it's never anyone's fault but your own; the game gives you plenty of warning if you are overreaching.Though it might take some time to return and level up sufficiently enough to beat the tougher FOEs, scraping through a lengthy battle just about intact before patching up your wounded comrades brings a way of relief and a feeling of accomplishment like no other.
G4 TV: X-Play
Role-playing games are about acquisition. Skills, weapons, armor, potions and statistical upgrades are the cheese that keeps players scurrying through the maze. Great games spread the morsels in such a way that adventurers feel compelled to press on. Here the cheese is low-fat, yet very tasty. There are no cut scenes or extended story-telling sequences to slow down the treadmill. Some may find the presentation spare, especially if they're used to the bombastic, CG blow-outs of Square-Enix. Etrian Odyssey's 3D dungeon view is simplistic and character avatars are mere drawings that show up infrequently. It's downright quaint when you think about it. But for those who want nothing more from an RPG than an excuse to grab a torch and hunt, Etrian Odyssey offers the perfect bait.
'Etrian Odyssey' geht es eindeutig nicht darum, optisch oder akustisch herauszuragen, sondern inhaltlich. Der Titel stellt den Spieler vor Herausforderungen, sein Ehrgeiz wird wieder geweckt. Hier vergeht die Zeit wie im Flug. Allerdings besteht noch Verbesserungsbedarf, was die Speichermöglichkeiten betrifft. Etwas abwechslungsreicher hätte das Rollenspiel klassischer Machart auch sein dürfen. Für Anfänger ist 'Etrian Odyssey' ganz klar nicht geeignet.
It may seem a bit audacious to compare Etrian Odyssey to the 2006 hit Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but elements of what made Oblivion so great are present here. While it doesn't pack the exceptional presentation or depth of Oblivion, in terms of being a highly customizable, deeply immersive, and thoroughly addictive fantasy experience, the argument could be made that it comes close. Etrian Odyssey doesn't do anything particularly astonishing with the turn-based RPG formula, but it takes many of the best tried-and-true elements from the genre and executes upon them extremely well. If you've got the time and patience for it, as well as a remaining interest in the formula, you'll definitely want to pick this one up.
Enfin disponible sur notre territoire et intégralement traduit en français, Etrian Odyssey est un Dungeon-RPG à découvrir absolument si vous avez l'âme d'un rôliste. Avec ses plans qu'il convient de tracer soi-même à l'aide du stylet et ses donjons peuplés d'ennemis redoutables, le soft offre un challenge vraiment intéressant malgré son gameplay à l'ancienne. L'approche tactique des combats et la gestion des classes de personnages relance encore plus l'intérêt de ce jeu terriblement addictif.
The title has its flaws, primarily in its basic presentation and overly painful gameplay ways (not being able to save for up to 30 minutes at a time hurts, even when we fully understand why the decision was made), and if you gave this game to ten players you my find one or two in the group that truly enjoy it. Despite that staggering thought though, there’s no denying the game’s quality. If this is your style of game, you’re going to eat it up. All other gamers are more than forewarned - Etrian Odyssey is easily the most mature, pure role-playing experience on DS thus far.
Super Play
Det här är definitivt inte ett spel som passar alla. För hardcorespelaren, däremot, är Etrian Odyssey en våt dröm som trots sin haltande presentation levererar med stil.
Gamereactor (Finland)
DS-käsikonsolin kosketusnäyttöä käytetään ihan toimivasti labyrintin kartan tekoon. Labyrintista ei anneta valmista karttaa, joten se on luotava itse seikkailun edetessä. Karttaan voi teiden lisäksi merkitä lisätietoja, esimerkiksi sellaisten esineiden paikat, joiden tutkimiseen sankarien taidot eivät vielä riitä. Näin mysteeri löytyy helposti uudelleen taitojen kartuttua. Myös isommat hirviöt ilmestyvät kartalle, joten niitä on helppo väistää jos ei ole vielä valmis taisteluun. Kaupunkiin paluu onnistuu myös kätevästi kauppiaalta ostettavalla taikaesineellä, joten voimien keruu ja pelitilanteen tallennus kovien taisteluiden jälkeen on helppoa.
Etrian Odyssey on tarkoitettu vanhojen tekstiseikkailuroolipelien kanssa varttuneille. Äärimmäistä haastetta kaipaaville ja rautaiset hermot omaaville tämä hardcore-roolipeli on varmasti omiaan. Muut voivat suosiolla jättää pelin kaupan hyllylle. Vanhanaikaisuus ei missään nimessä tee pelistä huonoa, mutta kaikkine koukkuineen se kutistaa kohderyhmän äärimmäisen pieneksi.
Game Informer Magazine
If you have fond memories of the hardcore dungeon-crawlers from long ago, this title recreates that experience well. I have nothing against games that hearken back to old-school sensibilities, but Etrian Odyssey just feels like an outdated game that snuck onto a modern console.
All that warping and rezzing can suck your funds dry. Keeping your party in good gear and good health is financially taxing, especially early on. Your enemies don't drop cash, but they do drop items you can hawk for some loot. You can also collect resources that can be sold for higher prices. Still, I found myself scouring the Internet for moneymaking FAQs, since there really isn't much in-game guidance. Thankfully, there is a fairly simple moneymaking scheme out there to get you rolling. Being in debt in real life is bad enough, I don't need to stress over in game money too.
Game Informer Magazine
Okay, so maybe some people will consider adventuring into a deep labyrinth to map and catalogue all of its contents reason enough to play through a game, but I call it a boring level grind with little payoff.