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FIFA Street 3 (Nintendo DS)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

FIFA Street 3 Credits

EA Development Team

ProducerKevin Chorney
Development DirectorsChris Dumaresq, Shirley Sellers
Lead DesignerNathan Charley
Art DirectorsGeorge Ashcroft, Nicole Maas
Group Development DirectorWalter de Torres
Technical DirectorRyan Jones
Technical ArtistBrad Sweder
Production SupportClara Sim

Exient Team

Managing DirectorDavid Hawkins
Technical DirectorCharles Chapman
Associate ProducerDesmond Gayle
Lead ProgrammerElton Bird
Programming TeamRick Appleton, Julian Ardley, Dean Bilotti, Paul Burgess, Thomas Hall, Tony Porteous, Rob Ruck, Geoffrey White, Jonathan Whiting
Art TeamJack Campbell, Jon Cave, Ben Jones, Aaron Seale, Stephen Tan, Darren Tree
Rhythm Action DivaFran Shergold

EA Leadership Team

Executive ProducerDave McCarthy
Director of Product DevelopmentTony Lam
Group Technical DirectorRichard L. Seaborne

Testing Team

Development DirectorJorge Bravo-Hernandez
Test ManagerRichard Given
TestersScott Henley, Pat Moffat, Kasey Pentzek, Bruce Wang


Localization ProductionNacho Sojo
Localization CoordinationPako Barreras, Nathalie Bonin, Alexander Faißt, Daniele Sacco
Localization ProgrammingIker Aneiros, Olivier Cornu, Santiago Rubira, Eduardo Cocero Torres
Localization TestingRicardo Albuquerque, Tiago Cancela, Emanuele Fabbioni, Víctor Turu Flores, Federico Franzoni, Laurent Gabas, Federico Gómez, Renaud L. Gonzalez, Ross Mora, José G. Moreno Espinoza, Federica Rossi, Sibylle Steinau, Fabio Teixeira, Charles Ulbig

Marketing & PR

Marketing DirectorRomain Rossi
Product ManagerSam Cooper
Marketing TeamMatt Bilbey, Sebastian Sokol, Mark Wilson, Trevor Uzice
Public Relations TeamSteve Frost, Bettina Munn, David Tinson


'We Interrupt This Programme'Performed by Coburn feat. Solid State, Chris Healy (Producer), Tim Healy (Writer), Pete Martin (Writer), Eddie Simms (Writer), Published by Edition Great Stuff, BMG Music Publishing and Universal - Polygram International Publishing, Recording courtesy of Great Stuff/Zync Music
'I Used To Dance With My Daddy (Metal On Metal Mix)'Performed by Datarock, Fredrik Saroea (Writer), Ketil Mosnes (Writer), Published by Artwerks Music LLC, Admin by Nettwerk One Music [Canada] Ltd., Recording courtesy of Nettwerk Productions
'Red Laser Beams'Performed by Hexstatic, Stuart Warren-Hill (Writer), Published by Just Isn't Music, Recording courtesy of Ninja Tune
'Disco Punk Electro Funk'Performed by The Tigerpicks, Written by The Tigerpicks, Copyright Control, Recording courtesy of Deltasonic Records, by arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment
'Let The Beats Roll'Performed by Tim Deluxe, Timothy Liken (Writer), Simon Franks (Writer), Published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc., and Copyright Control, Recording courtesy of Skint Records
'Booming Right At You'Performed by Junkie XL feat. Laura Rocket, Tom Holkenberg (Writer), Paul E. Huston, Glenn K. Bolton, Arnold E. Hamilton (Writer), Martin P. Hemley (Writer), Leonardo Roman (Writer), Shahid Wright (Writer), Containing a sample of 'Let The Music Play', Published by  BMG Music Publishing amd Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. [BMI], Recording courtesy of Artwerks Music LLC, administered by Nettwerk One Music [Canada] Ltd.
Executive Music ProducerSteven Schnur
Music SupervisorRaphaella Lima, Cybele Pettus
Music Licensing and ClearancesBeverly Koeckeritz

Special Thanks

Special ThanksJon Fish, Tony Lee, Federation Internationale de Football Association for their support and understanding, Daniela Banz, Andrea Meier, Jan Q. Schetters

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (143230)