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Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Nintendo DS)

Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Nintendo DS The title screen.


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Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Credits

Based Upon the Book

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain bySteve Jackson, Ian Livingstone

Developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc.

Executive ProducerDamir Sloggar
ProducerJason Willis
Associate ProducersZain Dinath, Todd MacIntyre
Game DesignerGoran Marinic
Technical DirectorBruno Mateus
Lead ProgrammerNicole Holland
ProgrammersGavan Acton, Christine Bailey, Jason Biro, Kailey Joanette
Additional ProgrammersJeremy Parker, Stephanie Richardson, Jordan Stinson
Art DirectorMark Maia
Lead ArtistRandy Van Der Vlag
Lead Environment ArtistDarren Truong
ArtistsKaleb Aylsworth, Ian Tolmay, D. Noel Keshwar, Rafal Krawczykiewicz, Birgit Schulz
Additional ArtistsMike Derrah, Jeff Edwards, Westen Fry, Derek Laufman, Anthony Tiefenbach
EditorSteve Jackson
Music Composed byTomislav Slogar
Quality AssuranceDarren T. Bennett, Goran Mamika, Korey Martin
Technical SupportMike Hart
Special ThanksSteve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, Amanda Macrae, Renata Slogar, Róbert Sugár

Aspyr Publishing

Executive ProducerJay Gordon
Associate ProducerRandall Davis
Senior Project ManagerKelly Bates
Marketing ManagersAmity Ponsetti, Eric Duncan, Karri Scott
PR ManagerEric Duncan
Creative Marketing LeadDevin Cox
Director of QAAndrew Brazell
QA ManagerBard Alexander
QA LeadMichael Greene
QA Team LeadAdrian Glover
QA TestersMarco A. Sanchez Jr., Ryan Caltabiano, Christo Irving, Craig Stokes, Jeremy Jorgenson, Cindy Roberts
CRG ManagerSteve Amacker
CRG LeadMichael Cardona
CRG TestersHolly Muhs, Adam Webber, David Marshall
Compat / CQC SupervisorDustan Coleman
CQC TestersNathan Mrvichin, Bobby Menkedick
Compatibility Lab Technician IIMichael Greene
Compatibility Lab TestersDave Whitefield, Rene Ogando, Dustin Tolbert
Technical Support ManagerJason McClure
Technical SupportJonah Hardenbergh, John Vitrano, Eric Longoria, Lucy Fernandez

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