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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Great but not the best of the series Bregalad (917) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall MobyScore (11 votes) 3.7

The Press Says

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UOL Jogos
Seguindo à risca a cartilha de como se fazer um ótimo remake, a Nintendo consegue com "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon" consolidar de vez no ocidente a série de RPG de estratégia. Visual agradável, músicas empolgantes e uma jornada desafiante pontuam a emocionante batalha de reconquista do príncipe Marth. Em meio a tanta competência, o modo online acaba destoando por ser tão escasso em opções. Ainda assim, a qualidade do pacote é tamanha que fica difícil não imaginar um novo "Fire Emblem" aparecendo em breve no DS.
Pocket Gamer UK
Fire Emblem's DS debut has been a long time coming but it's unquestionably worth the wait. Shadow Dragon provides astonishingly compulsive turn-based action.
3D Juegos
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon se estrena en Nintendo DS con un capítulo clásico adaptado a los nuevos tiempos. Su modo historia es tan largo como profundo, con muchos personajes que reclutar y multitud de variantes y estrategias para salir victorioso. La novedad y hecho característico de esta entrega es el modo online, no excesivamente profundo pero sí muy correcto, que completa un juego muy notable que, resolviendo pequeñas carencias puede alcanzar cotas de calidad tremendamente sobresalientes en próximas entregas.
Deeper than Advance Wars, yet more accessible than Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, the latest Fire Emblem is an engrossing strategy experience.
Official Nintendo Magazine
With Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics, the DS has already demonstrated it's the perfect platform for bite-sized strategic battling. You can add Fire Emblem to that list now. This is deliciously meaty tactical gaming that fans of the genre should gobble up with relish.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon doesn't offer a revolutionary experience, but it is a highly polished and well-balanced example of strategy gaming. Nintendo did a nice job making sure it kept the challenge the series is known for while at the same time providing a friendlier experience for newcomers. The series superfans may be disappointed at the lack of new features, but this is still one of the strongest turn-based strategy experiences on the DS.
GBase - The Gamer's Base
Rundentaktiker werden an Shadow Dragon ihre helle Freude haben. Auch wenn sowohl grafisch als auch storytechnisch deutlich mehr drin gewesen wäre. Schliesslich funktioniert das Kampfsystem so gut wie eh und je. Die Gefechte sind wie gewohnt taktisch anspruchsvoll und werden selbst erfahrenen Zockern einiges abverlangen. Auch an Umfang mangelt es dem Spiel dank 25 Kapiteln und diversen Zusatzmissionen nicht. Ausserdem dürft ihr erstmals in der Geschichte der Serie sowohl off-, als auch online gegen menschliche Widersacher antreten, was für ausreichend Langzeitmotivation sorgt. Hinzu kommt die Möglichkeit, erfahrene Mitstreiter an Freunde und Spieler aus aller Welt auszuleihen oder sich selbst welche von anderen Leuten zu borgen. So schnell wird es einem bei Shadow Dragon also nicht langweilig, womit das Spiel wie geschaffen ist für lange, kalte Winterabende.
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon has many new features that make the game very accessible, however seasoned veterans of the series will find the game far too easy compared to previous installments. Most strategies can eventually be thrown out the window, as your team can quickly become overpowered. With saving, Reclass, and Rental Units, there is little risk in playing sloppy, and even that can be mitigated via gaiden chapters. Even if you choose to ignore these new features and start on a very hard difficulty, the game is only mildly challenging. For long time fans, Shadow Dragon will feel like a watered down remake.
Gaming Age
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon is another great game in the series. For veterans who may have played prior versions, there are still plenty of missions to conquer and the game is quite enjoyable. It might seem a little easier in spots, but the entire game is very fun to play and it's exciting to see how the series got its start. The game doesn't offer a whole lot of innovation when compared to prior installments, but the formula works fine. Gamers new to the series will find the game easy to learn, but it will take some serious skill to keep all of your allies alive during battle. If you're tired of all the "casual" games on the DS, you absolutely can't go wrong with Fire Emblem. Show Nintendo you want more games like this!
This remake of an 18 year old NES game, as that's what it is, is a very good idea and again delivers a strategy title to put your teeth in. If you're looking for an alternative for Advance Wars or like RPG elements with the necessary tactical combat then you certainly should give this game a chance. If you like it you'll be sure to have hours of qualitative and deep gameplay.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon ist zwar in praktisch jedem Aspekt den genialen Advance-Wars-Spielen auf DS unterlegen, trotzdem ist das Fantasy-Strategiespiel eine runde Sache. Das ernste Rache-Epos ist trotz hohem Schwierigkeitsgrad auch für Einsteiger geeignet und besitzt mit den individuellen Charakteren und den teils überraschenden Schlachtverläufen genügend Spannung, um euch so manche Stunde an das Handheld zu fesseln. Mir hat der DS-Titel trotz Mager-Optik sogar noch einen Tick besser gefallen als die vergangene Episode der Reihe auf Wii, frustresistent müssen die Fantasy-Taktiker jedoch sein, um bis zum Abspann zu gelangen.
Obwohl das Abenteuer edel aussieht und eine klasse Benutzerführung bietet, hat man die technischen Möglichkeiten des DS nicht so genutzt wie es gerade Age of Mythologies vormacht; die Figuren sehen als Portraits gut aus, aber als 3D-Kämpfer erinnern sie an GBA-Sprites. Mit diesen Gedanken schläft jemand ein, der die Serie kennt und liebt. Einer, der trotz der Kritik auch am nächsten Tag einfach weiter spielen muss, weil sich Rundentaktik und Rollenspiel hier so unwiderstehlich bereichern. Aber kann ich diesem Spiel eine bessere Wertung als der Wii-Variante geben? Vielleicht doch ein Remake-Bonus? Als das letzte Schaf wohl behütet landet, breitet sich ein versöhnliches Grinsen aus: Erstmals geht es ja auch online zur Sache - wie lange haben Fans darauf warten müssen? Gute Nacht und viel Spaß in Altea!
Fire Emblem è tornato su Nintendo DS in ottima forma, anche se non esalta come ha fatto l'eccellente e ingombrante termine di paragone costituito da Advance Wars, figlio per di più degli stessi nipponici genitori. Il maggiore livello di personalizzazione delle unità e la terribile presenza della morte rendono questo strategico molto più serioso del "fratello", e persino la concentrazione richiesta è molto maggiore, rendendo FE un titolo difficile da giocare per partite mordi-e-fuggi in treno o in macchina. Tuttavia, l'eroica impresa di Marth non dà tregua, e una volta entrati nel vivo, difficilmente riuscirete a spegnere il DS, almeno fino alla fine della Campagna e al completamento della trama secondo le vostre personalissime scelte... i potenti dragoni Manakete vi attendono.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon could be played by someone new to the series quite easily thanks to its many refinements and the tutorial contained within the Prologue chapters. Veterans of the series will find a game that combines the refinements of more recent entries, save for a lack of variety in battle objectives. The new features to the game are welcome, save for the requirement of killing characters to see everything, which never felt right even as I did it constantly. This component can be ignored, and a quality Fire Emblem title that rewards lovers of tactical RPGs is the result.
Si les fondements de la série n'ont pas changé, le passage de Fire Emblem sur DS offre un meilleur confort visuel et permet de jouer soit de manière classique, soit de manière tactile avec le stylet. Outre la possibilité de découvrir enfin la genèse de la série, ce remake se permet d'introduire un certain nombre de nouvelles options qui rendent l'expérience de jeu moins contraignante que dans les autres volets. Que de chemin parcouru depuis l'épisode original sur Famicom !
But Shadow Dragon is a Fire Emblem game, and for that we must be thankful, because even now, nearly twenty years and 12 games later, the series still represents one of the pinnacles of turn-based strategy. It hasn’t toppled the Sacred Stones from its berth as the best game in the series (or, if you’re a purist, Fire Emblem on the GBA), and it feels a bit like a missed opportunity to ally the game that started it all with some of the many incremental improvements that have been introduced since. Still, though, it is a Fire Emblem game, and for some of us, that’s enough.
80 (UK)
None of which - online or off - elevates Shadow Dragon to new heights, but all of which works well together. There are fewer lovable characters than we're used to, perhaps, and the story isn't as nuanced, but there's enough to sustain all but the most demanding players and far more to love than you'll find in the vast majority of its turn-based peers, which were hardly any sort of majority to begin with. Like we said at the start, we're not complaining. Shadow Dragon will live long in a lot of DS slots - and probably even long enough to show the US gamers who's boss for a while in 2048 or whenever it comes out over there. Sorry guys.
Shadow Dragon es Fire Emblem en estado puro. Es un SRPG en la línea de lo que suele ofrecer Intelligent Systems, que hasta ahora había mostrado unos resultados sobresalientes tanto en esta serie como en Advance Wars. Es uno de esos ‘remakes originales’ que a la hora de la verdad se presentan como un producto nuevo, y con bastante razón. El renovado aspecto gráfico y un sistema de control completamente manejable desde la pantalla táctil son sólo algunas de las virtudes de un cartucho que reúne como pocos la esencia de una serie que todavía no ha conseguido la relevancia que se merece en Europa.
You should be able to complete all of the game's 25 chapters in roughly 20 hours, but you can expect to spend an additional hour or two mastering key fights. An unbelievably difficult "hard" mode is also included to encourage another play through, while the multiplayer modes should prove to be fun diversions. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon may be a straightforward traditional strategy RPG, but there's beauty in its stark simplicity. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding strategy game, Fire Emblem is a very good candidate.
Good Game
I find the gameplay in general a bit messy Jung. It’s not that crystal clear, tactical feel that you get with Advance Wars and it can be tedious moving so many units on a map, one by one – especially as the “wait” isn’t the first menu option after every move – which is just silly – a group move ability would really help this game.
Après un diptyque Gamecube/Wii particulièrement captivant, on regrette que cette nouvelle itération de l’ancestrale saga Fire Emblem ne soit habitée par cette faculté à faire voyager. Il est vrai que nous sommes face à un remake de tout premier épisode de la série, mais à l’image du gameplay qui a su composer avec les avancées enregistrées au cours des années, Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon aurait réellement gagné à jouir d’une narration moderne et approfondie. Reste qu’en dépit de mécaniques qui ne surprendront plus grand monde, le titre s’impose sans surprise comme un incontournable du genre Tactical-RPG, d’autant que ses nombreux modes de difficulté sont faits pour contenter toutes les catégories de joueurs.
Cyber Stratege
En abandonnant le système de soutien et en offrant un choix d’unités nettement plus large, ce Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon se concentre sur l’essentiel : le combat tactique. Les petites améliorations d’interface rendent le jeu nettement plus agréable, mais on regrettera quand même qu’il n’y ait strictement aucune évolution du système de jeu, avec des mécanismes et des caractéristiques qui sont les mêmes depuis trois versions. En tout cas, un incontournable sur la DS, que je recommande chaleureusement pour jouer en toute occasion !
Good Game
Yeah that’s a big-time pain Bajo. Almost as much as the weapon deterioration in the game like I always say, there’s nothing fun about weapon maintenance! and it's even worse here because once it breaks – the weapon is gone-game over man, game over. It’s unnecessary, a time waster and I am over it! At least the rest of the game is good, I’m giving Shadow Dragon 7/10 rubber chickens.
Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon fait son âge, mais ce n'est pas pour autant qu'il faudrait passer à côté. A défaut d'être beau, le jeu d'Intelligent Systems rend une copie très soignée dans tous les autres domaines, ce qui devrait lui valoir toute l'affection des connaisseurs désireux de pouvoir enfin pratiquer la série sur DS. Un système de combat robuste, une ergonomie haut de gamme, et l'apparition d'un mode de jeu en ligne : voici les arguments de Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon, le Tactic-RPG de ce Noël.
Si le jeu est techniquement meilleur que les deux autres Fire Emblem qu'on a pu avoir en France sur GBA (heureusement pour lui), je trouve le plaisir moindre, principalement à cause du scénario un peu expéditif et du background inexistant. Le jeu est loin d'être mauvais mais n'innove pas vraiment, ou maladroitement quand il le fait. On a donc un bon RPG-Tactique possédant un sérieux gameplay et une très bonne replay value (6 modes de difficultés quand même), mais trop plat au niveau scénaristique pour être encensé.
The Review Busters
Out of all of the games Nintendo makes it seems like Fire Emblem will never take that next step it needs to. It would have been a lot nicer to see a new game in the series, not a remake from the first game. This is why we have the online store on the Wii and the store on the DSi. Shadow Dragon may seem like a good idea to some, but to me it is only worth the ride if you have nothing else to play.
Even though the game is clearly a remake, it's still a new game and does very little to move the series forward. Shadow Dragon feels more like a nostalgic offering than one meant to progress the series, and as a remake it does this job well. It may seem like I'm being hard on the game, but it just doesn't seem to do enough to outshine some of the more progressive tactical RPGs now available on the DS, or even live up to the advances made by the most recent entries in the series. While Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is every bit as addictive as its predecessors, it's just not as impressive.