Football Academy Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Main menu
Scolari welcomes us to the academy
Entering a name for the team
Academy menu
Our first player pack
Team management
Time to take a test
Sharp shooter mini game - hit the targets!
Rub the screen to reveal the badge - can you see which team this is?
Memory match - match right team with league
Memory match level 2 - match team and player
IQ Test completed
After completing the test I get my football IQ score
And I also get a new pack of players
Scouting mission - point out where the teams are from
Time for match - Not many opponents available at this time. They need to be unlocked
Kit selection
The lineups
Match in progress
Time for kick off
Time for a passing battle
Two options available - to feet or through ball
That didn't work - the defender took the ball
The audience is cheering on a player that makes a good dribble
A good save by the keeper
The tactical options are quite limited
A successful passing atempt
He scores!
One team celebrates while the other looks for a solution in the sky
Post-match report
Got a badge for keeping a clean sheet
Kits on the cloth line - move the shirts to the right baskets
Higher or lower? Do you remember the league table?