GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Credits

Electronic Arts - Tiburon, Orlando, USA

Game Design AdaptationDaryl Holt, Paul Kashuk, Jon Dean
Lead Software EngineerShawn Leaf
Software EngineersLeon Brown, Chris Cammack, Ginger Christine Carroll, Justin Hare, John M. Meyers
Lead ArtistJason Miller
ArtistsAaron Cross Gaines, James J. Inziello, Scott Kiraly, Jeanne M. Kiraly, W. Randy King, Joshua M. Davis
Technical ArtistPeter Arisman
Assoc. Art DirectorPaul Kashuk
Art Production ManagerDaryl Holt
AudioMichael Reed
ProducersBob Hichborn, Erick S. Dyke
Line ProducerJames Hawkins
Executive ProducerJon Dean
Product ManagementKendall Boyd (N. America), Simon Bull (N. America), Peter O'Reilly (Europe)
QA TestersScott Helmick, Julio A. Perez, David Nickels, Erik Auriemma, Shari Bryant
QA Database LeadJonathan Crankshaw
QA LeadsSumit Sheth, Scott Maher
Senior QA LeadsIan Colburn, Justin Morgan, Leslie Kimball
Director of Quality AssuranceEric Zala
Additional QAPatrick Lamont, Rick Lopez
Special Thanks - thanks to the following people for their valuable help and supportSteven Chiang, Bruce E. McMillan, Patrick Gilmore, Mark Coleman, Christopher Plummer, Geoff Brown, Yukihito Ayabe, Hideaki Kitamura, Jason Link, Rick Hall, Damion Banks, Robert Moore, Louis-Pierre Pharand, Alain Tascan, Jeff Aho, Dan O'Leary, Sean Purcell, Gary Meyers, and especially to the originating GoldenEye: Rogue Agentâ„¢ teams at EA - Los Angeles USA and EA - Montreal Canada


President & COO Home Entertainment GroupDavid Bishop
Senior VP Consumer Products & InteractiveTravis Rutherford
VP Production & Business DevelopmentNeil Haldar
ProducerJoe Rush
Director of FinanceTisha Bruce
Manager of FinanceJack Cheng
VP Worldwide MarketingTrish Halamandaris
Marketing SupervisorHugo Martinez
Executive Director Clip & Still LicensingRebecca A. Herrera-Burch
Interactive AssistantNelly Guila
Executive VP Entertainment Legal & Business AffairsRon Sufrin
VP Business & Legal AffairsJennifer Lewis
VP Legal DivisionMichael Moore
MGM Music - Executive VP MusicAnita Camarata
VP MusicJonathan Watkins
Eon Productions/Danjaq LLC CEODavid Pope
Executive ProducerSimon Mathew
SVP, Global Business StrategyKeith Snelgrove
Licensing ManagerMichael Tavares

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (23857)