GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

This screen displays during the game's initial load sequence. Played via PCSX2 emulator, the missing pixel in later shots is possibly due to emulator bugs.
The language selection screen of the UK version
When starting a new game the player is prompted for their name. There's an eight character limit on this.
There are game customisation options available to the player, this is the in-game screen that shows these
The first mission is to accompany 007 into Fort Knox. This shows the introductory bit in the helicopter. The presence of the computer screen means there will be user setup prompts
The helicopter crash lands in Fort Knox. That's our partner hanging from the rotor blade, he doesn't make it so we are on our own
In the early part if this first mission there are lots of player information screens like this. They fade away as the player moves on
New weapons are collected by running over them
Inside Fort Knox and taking fire from someone way in the distance. The breaking glass barrier in the foreground is a nice effect