Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating : Mature Mature (Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence)
BBFC Rating : 18 18
IFCO Rating : unknown
PEGI Rating : 18 18 (Content Indicator: Bad Language Bad Language, Drugs Drugs, Violence Violence)
VET/SFB Rating : unknown
CERO Rating : Z Z (Descriptors: Crime (犯罪) Crime (犯罪), Violence (暴力) Violence (暴力))
USK Rating : 18 (keine Jugendfreigabe) 18 (keine Jugendfreigabe)
OFLC (Australia) Rating : MA 15+ MA 15+ (Consumer Advice: Coarse Language, Sexual References, Strong Drug References)
OFLC (New Zealand) Rating : R16 R16 (Descriptors: Content may offend, Offensive language, Violence)
ClassInd : unknown
FPB Rating : unknown
GRB : unknown
CCE (IGAC) Rating : unknown
COIAO Rating : unknown
DJCTQ Rating : unknown
KMRB Rating : unknown