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Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game Nintendo DS Title screen with main menu.


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Nintendo Front (Apr 20, 2009)
Klar, „Grey’s Anatomy: The Videogame“ richtet sich an die Fans der Serie, doch selbst die dürften etwas enttäuscht von dem Titel sein. Zwar sind die neuen Handlungsstränge für Serienkenner durchaus interessant und auch bei den Operationen kommt Spaß auf, die restlichen Minispiele wirken allerdings eher lächerlich als spaßig und auch der Umfang von knapp sechs Stunden weiß nicht zu überzeugen, zudem es nicht wirklich einen Grund dazu gibt, das Modul ein weiteres Mal einzulegen. Bleibt abschließend zu sagen: Fans können auch aufgrund des niedrigen Preises von etwa 25 Euro einen Blick riskieren, alle anderen werden mit dem Titel sicherlich nichts anfangen können.
IGN (Mar 11, 2009)
Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game is clearly geared toward die-hard fans of the show who just can’t get enough of the mating rituals at Seattle Grace Hospital. However, its weird assortment of minigames seem symbolic to some of the weird turns the show has taken this season, and casual fans of the show will require a lot of patience to wade through each scene. That’s too bad, because the writing and production values are pretty good for a game based on a television show
DS-x2 (2009)
The first thing we have to say about Grey's Anatomy is that it's clearly only for fans of the series so if you have no interest in the everyday happenings of Seattle Grace then there's absolutely nothing here for you. If you are a fan though, you'll be pleased to learn that it's actually turned out a lot better than we expected. The production values are reasonably high and the story perfectly complements what you see on the small screen. Even the various medical sections have been well implemented albeit overly simple. The worst part of the experience unfortunately is the actual decision making and while you have to congratulate the developers for the sheer number of mini-games included, they don't actually enhance the gameplay in any way with some slowing it down altogether. This, mixed with the appalling soundtrack, will frustrate some gamers so you will have to decide if re-watching that DVD box set you have is a better and more entertaining option.
55 (Mar 12, 2009)
Gigantesque roman-photo émaillé de mini-jeux, Grey's Anatomy sur DS a le mérite de s'assumer comme tel. Sa dimension narrative parfaitement maîtrisée parvient à compenser ses piètres qualités ludiques. Au final, cette adaptation d'une fidélité exemplaire donne au joueur l'impression de vivre de l'intérieur un épisode de la série télévisée, et c'est bien tout ce qu'on pouvait lui demander.
I was excited to get Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game. Unfortunately, that excitement wore off very quickly. The characters are difficult to look at, the story drags very slowly, and the games are too simple to provide a challenge. The "new" story feels very much like a rehash of several episodes strung together. If you're just dying to play it, I recommend renting it. Otherwise just go buy the DVDs. You'll get a lot more entertainment out of them.
GameZone (Apr 24, 2009)
One can't help but feel the game was filled with nonsense where the stylus is applied. Yes, you perform surgery, but it is neither difficult nor challenging, I was honestly looking for some scenarios where long, challenging brain surgery was involved, or a quadruple bypass with tricky bleed-outs constantly popping up. But the game just does not get it done in the challenge department. All the characters are pretty much represented here in the game, they look like mannequin versions of themselves in the upper screen, but the lower screen does a better job of detailing the actual actors' faces on their medical ID on the bottom screen. There is no flowing movement while "watching" the episode and the the game's actual gameplay screens seem like they are missing a final glossy finish, the whole game feels like it is lacking some production value when it comes to the visuals.
NGamer (Apr 16, 2009)
Emotional bits, on the other hand, are literal representations of moral dilemmas. Wafting away clouds of doubt with the stylus and dumping lovers by tearing them out of photos would be endearingly dumb if it wasn’t so limp. Not even the pretty faces remain; Dr. Bailey morphs into a squat Yoda figure and lovely Izzie Stevens looks like a victim of botched plastic surgery. Our diagnosis? Dead on arrival.