Hands On! Tangrams Credits (Nintendo DS)

Hands On! Tangrams Nintendo DS A puzzle in progress.


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Hands On! Tangrams Credits

Developed by Island Officials

ProducerRyan Morrison
Creative ProducerRyan Harbinson
DesignerJohn T. Sabin
MusicWayne J. Strange
SoundWayne J. Strange
Technical DirectorAdrian Sandoval
Lead ProgrammerRyan Wine
ProgrammersTony Cristoforo, Kevin Fields (Kef), Ryan Sullivan, Rich Wegrzyniak
Art DirectorKaren McKenna
ArtistsDaniel Cy Chong, Jennifer Galliera, Sarah Galliera, Andrew Harbinson, Tsz-Man Leung, John Little, Jeni Manning, Matt McKenna, Chris Miller
WebmasterTyler Ager
Graphic DesignerMelissa Niedringhaus
Our team would like to thankKristina, Gabriel, Grace, Bruce, Ellen, The Harbinson family, MacKenzie, Remy, Tulip, Cake, Garen Eisen, Dave Madden, Steve Sefchick, Frankie Gambino, Sam Houser, Phyllis Owens, Sam Ferarra, Gerard K. Marino, Dave Murphy, Chris Montgomery, Dom Lucidon, Mohamed Osseni, Brendan Flake, Marc Marta, Gibby, Dan Kopec, Mike Simoni, Kristin McKenna, Kelly Thulen, Corvus Elrod, VGMM Forum, Sarah Smith, Bert Deluca, Dave Wine, Jamie Wine, Bozuffi, Teh Tech Cave, Pizza, Frankenstein, We <3 Cake, Next Level Video Games, and the Morrison, Hill, and Manco families.
Special Thanks toOur friends and families for their patience and belief in us.
Thank you toStorm City for the opportunity

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