The Humans: Meet the Ancestors! Credits

The Humans: Meet the Ancestors!

Published byDeep Silver
Production DirectorChristian Moriz
Product ManagerMaik Stettner
Quality Assurance ManagerRoman Grow
External QA ManagementDaniel Langer
Localization ManagementDaniel Langer
Localization QALinda Grosshennig, Prachya Isaac Parakhen, Mikael Cuinet
Executive ProducerGuido Eickmeyer
Head of Publishing UKStuart Chiplin
International Marketing DirectorGeorg Larch
PR ManagerKatja Albrecht
Brand ManagerHenning Schmid
Online MarketingAndreas Lackner
Graphic and DesignWolfgraphics

Developed by Blue Monkey Studios Inc

Chief Executive OfficerMartin Hooley
Chief Financial OfficerLiz Hooley
Development DirectorMark McGinley
Creative DirectorMark McGinley
Level DesignerMark Hooley
Lead ArtistAlex Richards
Art TeamAndy Noble, Mark Sibson
Additional ArtHarjit Virdee, Sam Holguin
AnimationGary Bendelow
Lead ProgrammerSteven Caslin
ProgrammerScott Walsh
Music & Sound EffectsKevin Saville (Abstract Media)
LocalisationPéa Eigler
BMS Q&AScott Naylor, James Marshall Grummette, Jonathan Bell
Additional ThanksAdam Hooley, Dominic Hunt, Liam Jones, Stanislava Spakovska, Joshua McGinley, Cameron McGinley, Kate Sibson, Ben Sibson, James Whattam, Thomas Whattam Kaye

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65892)