Infinite Space Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen.
A world sunken into Chaos...
...An ass running by...
And a huge spaceship blowing stuff. Perfect premise for a video game.
Title menu.
Five gigantic thrust engines make for a hell of a ride.
Can't quite make out what's going on there, but it seems like an important meeting taking place.
Let's hope not.
I guess I should, huh. Not a war veteran here.
Alright, let's do it, since you're asking so nicely.
Going back a bit. Unsure how that works, but fine.
Warming up for the attack aaaaaand...
...BAM, the attack was a success.
That's... what I just said.
A literal barrage of attacks, huh...
Damn, sure looks effective.
As you wish, my Random Lord That Came Out of Nowhere.
Don't get cocky, there's always the chance you'll miss.
Wait, is this a space race or just plain old pursuit...
Oh I see... burocracy.
You're the one who looks on-fire, baby... dressed like that. <3
Ok, so maybe dodging sometimes ain't such a bad idea.
That sure looks like the Voyager on top... Damn, I miss Star Trek.
Whaddya mean, landing is always good.
Good to know at least one of us is home.
Yes, I already know the name of the game, thank you.
Trees that actually look like female bodies... What kind of planet is this.
Don't sweat it girl, I'm sure everything's gonna be fine.
Thanks. No more cheering you up.
Of course not, I'm sure you don't need to. You just CRASHED here for a bit.
This really is a old vintage spaceship design, but I never grow tired of it.
I do grow tired of vegetation though, so let's the hell outta here.
Wait, now we're into the mysteries of the plot... kinda.
Like this clear memory from the past, denoted by being colorless.
Stating out the obvious, a wonderful skill to have in any situation.
The world is made up of liars, it's ok.
A nice sort-of-map for us to take a glimpse at and get our bearings.
Hmm... is this simple-navigation mode...
Enemies ahead, prepare to engage! (always wanted to say that)
Just blast them to infinity!
Yeah, that's how I like to roll.
Permission is usually denied in movies, but let's see...
Oh cool, they actually let us in this time.
Interesting colorful menu.
Much less interesting one, but still, duly noted.
Yeah... figures we can't go through THE GATE. No one ever goes through THE GATE. Sigh.