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Kim Possible: Kimmunicator (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Kim Possible: Kimmunicator Credits

Disney Interactive

ProducerShannon Monroe
Senior ProducerMary Jo LaRoche
Executive ProducerRachel DiPaola
Director, Game DesignLuigi Priore
Producer DesignJoel Goodsell
Lead ArtistChristopher Tellez
Technologie ManagerAndrew Nigel Fisher
Localization ManagerTicket Carson
Director, MarketingDana Long
Marketing ManagerTamara Johnston
Director, Quality AssuranceGary Stevens
Supervisor, Quality AssuranceLuigi Pardo
Project Lead, Quality AssuranceMatthew Owczarek
Certification/Brand SupervisorDoug Quackenbush
Certification TeamConan E. Chamberlain, Jason Furler, Marta Saylors
Media CoordinatorMario Donis
Customer Support LiasonPatrick R. Burns
Special Thanks To...Tamira Webster, iBeta Software Quality Assurance
Featuring the Voice Talents of:Nancy Cartwright
"Call Me, Beep Me! The Kim Possible Song"Cory Lerios (Words and Music), George Gabriel (Words and Music)
Re-recorded for Game by:Jean-Frédéric Vachon

Developed by Artificial Mind & Movement

Lead Game DesignerÉlie Charest
Artistic DirectorJonathan Gingras
Game DirectorJean Carrières
Production ManagersFrançois Raymond, Sylvie Rochon, Marie-Estelle Lamy
Level DesignerKevin Finnigan
Additional Game DesignDorian Kieken
Additional Level DesignBryan Salhi
Programming Team LeadsStéphane Leblanc, Peter Schoeler, Marc-Frédérick Blanchet
Engine Programming Tech LeadJulien Dubois
Engine ProgrammersBenoit Hubert, Jean-Sébastien Dasse, Stéphane Hockenhull
Game Programming Tech LeadJean-François Simoneau
Game ProgrammersJustin Przedwojewski, Hugo Frappier, Jean-Phillipe Morel, Mihai Draghici, Richard El-Hachem
Additional Game ProgrammingSauleil Ménard-Lamarre, John Corbett, Sean Butler, Romerik Rousseau
ScriptLucien Soulban
IllustratorKeith Seggie
Lead 3D ArtistStephanie Marshall, Gregory Bourne
3D ArtistsBisser Maximov, Nicolas Belley, Pan Jeng-Yu, Alexandre Bélanger, James Miguel
3D AnimatorsJérôme Taschereau, Daniel Desbiens
2D ArtistNicolas Brunoni
Special EffectsPhilippe Ivanovic
Sound DesignerJean-Frédéric Vachon
Music & Sound DriverShin'en
Lead TesterCédric Michéa
TesterJean-Philippe Côté
Gameplay AnalystVincent Noiret
Additional TestingBug‑Tracker
Executive ProducerRémi Racine
Game ExecutivesDenis Lacasse, Pierre Robidoux
Head of ProductionChafye Nemri
Chief Technology OfficerMartin Walker
Creative DirectorDavid Osborne
Technical DirectorHerve Lange
Technical Artistic DirectorDavid Lightbown
Special ThanksSylvain Côté, David Lightbown, David Richard, Bradley Bourne, Martin Thibert, Martin Saindon
Even More Special ThanksJean-Martin Masse, Mylène Fréchette, Julie Guérin, Nathalie Humbert, Alain Moreau, Maria Radice, Alexandre Beloin, Olivier Robidoux, Mickaël Delaissey, Hyunh Khanh-Long, Chloe Paterson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23103)