Kirby Super Star Ultra Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Kirby makes his grand entrance.
The title screen.
The main menu.
There's trouble in Dreamland...again...
Stage 1...
So begins your adventure...
Swallow enemies, absorb their powers. You know the drill.
Don't let the pleasant greenery fool you, there's bottomless pits everywhere!
The beam weapon in action.
They're even letting you play with bombs now...
Another power absorbed...
This tree guy is in every Kirby game ever made. Bet he's tired of getting smacked around all the time...
Kirby victory dance, activate!
Kirby's patented floating jump. Watch out for those spikes.
Extra life? Don't mind if I do.
Ice breath.
Swallow a bomb and this might happen...ouch...
For those who like some buckle with their swash, there's plenty of swords lying around.
My personal favorite, the screen-clearing microphone!
Some Icarus-style wings, for those hard to reach places.
Step into the ring with King Dedede!
Upon vanquishing your foe, you...uh...turn into a giant balloon and fly away with his castle.
And Kirby rides, er, floats off into the sunset.
Looks like Kirby's hungry again...
Kirby and Dedede in a frantic foot race.
A respectable time, if I do say so myself.
And good triumphs over evil once more.
Test your reflexes in a game of card swipe.
Wait for the curtain to open, then grab the matching card as quickly as possible.
First to three points wins the match.
Engage in some healthy target practice against three opponents.
The winner is...clearly not me.
Later in the round, you switch tracks and things get really hectic...
The bombs become more plentiful later in the match...
The final standings.
The cavern treasure mode has you delving into a giant cavern to collect treasure (in case you hadn't guessed).
There's 60 treasures in all to unearth.
The usual menagerie of obstacles and enemies stand between you and untold riches.

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  • Kirby Super Star Ultra Screenshot
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  • Kirby Super Star Ultra Screenshot
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