Line Rider 2: Unbound Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Line Rider 2: Unbound Credits


Line Rider CreatorBoštjan Čadež

inXile entertainment

CEOBrian Fargo
PresidentMatthew Findley
Vice President of OperationsElene Campbell
Creative DirectorMichael Kaufman
ProducerChris Keenan
Art DirectorBrandon Humphreys
Managing EngineerJohn Alvarado
Associate ProducerDavid Jaloza
Lead EngineerPaul Im
Network EngineerJeansoo Khim
EngineersAlan Wolfe, Justin Anstead, David Tan, Steve Romero, Nick Bunzli, Chris Wiedel, Kevin Fung
ArtistsTeresa Yau, Nicole Swimley, Phillip Dickenson, Gavin Rich
Additional ArtKurt Papstein, David Pursley
AnimationJames Martinchek
Lead DesignerChris Keenan
DesignersJohn Alvarado, Matthew Nelson (TechDawg), Sean Patton
Production AssistantRoger Michael Turrietta
IT ManagerSteve Jobes
IT AssistantAndrei Passioukov
Voice ActingTom Kenny (as Bosh), Tara Strong (as Bailey), Fred Tatasciore (as Chaz)
Story byDennis M. Miller
Cutscenes Created byTechnicolor
Character Design bySergio Suanez
Minister of BeatsJason Bently
ComposersCarmen Rizzo, Marcus Brown, Tobias Enhus
Cut Scene and Other SFXTommy Tallarico, Joey Kuras
Web Design and Integration byGravitek Labs
Special ThanksIvan Ospina, Jason Smith, Jared Richardson, Anzach Houchen
Thank you for your supportAshley Sullins, Juan Canadilla, Chris Wineinger, Glenn Forster, William Huff, Helen Yau, Michael Tran, Sarah Perry, Conrad Anstead, Laurie Robert, Libby Bunzli, Gilbert Ayala, Vicky Nguyen, Lacey Nein, Deborah Lin, Aaron Siu, Amber, Linda, Mom, Robert Swimley, Kathleen Swimley, Nivea Alverez, Everyone, Everything, Brenton Horrillo, Matt Lopes, The Shadow Government, Jessica Dixon, Jim Rivers, My Folks, Brandon's Mom, Keith Arem, Marcia Aberegg, Natosha Fluitt, Jordan Fluitt, Im Hyung Bin, Im Myung Hee, Lee Kyoung Sook

Genius Products

Chief Executive OfficerTrevor Drinkwater
PresidentMatthew Smith
General ManagerMitch Budin
EVP of SalesMitch Budin
Chief Strategy OfficerChristine Martinez
EVP FinanceEd Byrnes
SVP OperationsPaul Wylie
SVP Video Game Product DevelopmentMichael Rubinelli
SVP Video Game MarketingAndy Babb
SVP Business DevelopmentAndy Babb
VP Business and Legal AffairsDebra Shapiro
Corporate CounselJames Fagen
VP FinanceCharlie Feigle
Graphic ArtDavid Gaines, Gaines Design Group
Public RelationsKirk Green, Ashlee Crabtree, Gonzo Communications
Media PlanningCara Scharf, Kevin Christian, Tangible Media
Special ThanksLeslie Brown, John Semel, Rodney Satterwhite, Cooper Jackson, Jason Garcia, Valerie Morris, Kizzie Stokes, Sandy Hatcher (N.O.A.), Joel Kiernan, Gavin Harrell
In Loving Memory ofBill Gross

Sculpin QA

QA ManagerTravis Hunt
Test LeadMike Lewis
Shift LeadRyan Filsinger
TestersMichelle Chlow, Chris Gallant, Gavin Leslie, Chris Amos, Chris Hontscharowicz, Dennis Cantin, Ryan Hale
Test ConsultantJustin McNeil
Director Business DevelopmentJohn Eden
In Loving Memory ofKathy Keenan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (162156)