Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Credits


Director of Product DevelopmentPeter Anthony Chiodo (Tony)
ProducersPeter Anthony Chiodo (Tony), Matthew Haglund
Director of Creative MarketingCed Funches
Senior Art DirectorDavid Stengel
Graphic DesignerPatrick Jannette
Senior Marketing ManagerReed Stoven
Marketing ManagerCindy Swanson
Communications ManagerJeremy Zoss
VP of SalesScott Addyman
QA ManagementAndrew Leaf
Certification LeadJustin Holman
QATim Moravec (Steel Chair), Joshua G. Knoblauch, Tyler Hay (Taylor), Nick Heikkila (Lars), Jamie Cooper, Andrew Conroy, Will Weil, Chris Countryman, David Rogers, Adam Burback
English ManualJeremy Zoss
Special ThanksPaul Rinde, Peter Tamte, Al Schilling


Executive ProducersJavier Graupera, Sergio Rincón
ProducerJose Manuel Íñiguez
Assistant ProducerIgnacio Fernández
Game DesignJose Manuel Íñiguez


DirectorJulio Moruno
Main ProgrammingJorge Biedma
ProgrammingRoberto Granado Samaniego, José Manuel Ruíz Blanco
Character AnimationJulio Moruno
Graphic DesignIsrael Sánchez

Ikari Studio

IllustrationSantiago Casas, Daniel Vendrell
StoryboardSantiago Casas, Daniel Vendrell

Badolato Music

MusicGuillermo Badolato Cillero, Jorge Badolato Cillero
Sound EffectsGuillermo Badolato Cillero, Jorge Badolato Cillero

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Credits for this game were contributed by xroox (3970)