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The authentic survival game NeoJ (455) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.1

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Lost in Blue is a must-have game for every DS owner. It's as simple as that. If you have got a problem with too many of the things mentioned in the first paragraph, you might not enjoy the game quite as much as I did, but you probably should give it a try anyway. Why wait for Zelda or an epic RPG when you can have fun on a lonely island right now?
Game Over Online (Nov 01, 2005)
Lost in Blue is a fun ride, though it is extraordinarly open-ended. You could conceivably spend hours simply hunting and eating while not advancing the plot at all. Or, if you so choose, you can attempt to burn through the game with a quickness. It allows you to set your own pace and to make your own rules, though all within the confines of the game itself. It's innovative and interesting, though it can be very frustrating when you can't quite think your way around a dilemma and there's no obvious answer. Either way, it's definitely worth a go, and possibly two, as there's an option to play the game again, this time as the girl, after you beat it your first time around. Give it a ride.
84 (Feb 04, 2006)
All in all, I love Lost in Blue, and there’s still a ton more interest in it for me, even after playing it for days on end during the post-Christmas era. It’s the only game I’ve really wanted to get for DS (in fact, it’s pretty much the only reason I wanted to get a DS), and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. If you’re at all interested in simulation games, or survival games, or adventure games, or puzzle games, go ahead and give Lost in Blue a shot. It’s lovely.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 20, 2008)
This sort of title obviously can’t cater for all gamers, as those looking for Far Cry “let's get the bastards” induced tomfoolery will be bitterly disappointed at the chore and laid back nature of Lost in Blue The fact that the third in the series is set to release next month shows that the little island in the middle of nowhere has captured a few hearts along the way and, like Harvest Moon, looks set to become something of a classic.
Video Game Generation (Oct 13, 2005)
Lost in Blue is not perfect, and it could be improved quite a bit, especially in terms of graphics, but it does have great variety. You will spend most of your days doing the same things over and over, but it will rarely feel burdensome and can often be quite fun, so you can feel free to get the most of the replay value it offers. It has a fair mix of DS-unique and traditional controls, all integrated flawlessly into the game so that they simply feel natural, which makes this game perfect for the gamer unsure about the type of gameplay offered by the Nintendo DS. Essentially, Lost in Blue is the right game for the right person. If you own Animal Crossing and more than one Harvest Moon game and are eagerly awaiting the DS release of both, then this is the perfect game to tide you over until the new wave arrives.
N-Zone (Jan 03, 2006)
Schiff ahoi, ihr alten Landratten - Lost in Blue bringt traumhaftes Robinson-Feeling auf den DS. Ihr strandet als kleiner Junge Keith auf einer einsamen Insel und seid vollkommen auf euch alleine gestellt. Na ja, nicht ganz alleine. Schnell findet ihr das kleine Mädchen Skye, das ebenfalls auf dem einsamen Eiland gestrandet ist. Zusammen kämpft ihr nun ums Überleben, denn Supermärkte und Kaufhäuser sind auf einer verlassenen Insel Mangelware.
75 (Nov 18, 2005)
Als die ersten Trailer zu Lost in Blue über meinen Monitor schwirrten, war ich begeistert: eine einsame Insel, der Kampf ums Überleben, das Erkunden im Team - all das schürte die Hoffnung auf ein packendes Survival-Abenteuer. Und zu Beginn ist man tatsächlich fasziniert, denn Konami kann nicht nur eine glaubwürdige Stimmung aus Verzweiflung und Idylle aufbauen, sondern auch die Mikro- und Touchtechnik des DS sinnvoll einsetzen: Man pustet in die Glut, rüttelt an Bäumen, jagt mit dem Stiftspeer. Aber dann entsteht eine elende Endlosschleife der immer gleichen Aktionen. Dann erlebt man statt Erkundung und Abenteuer tagtäglich ein knallhartes, sich wiederholendes Nahrungs- und Zeitmanagement. Man vermisst das Mysteriöse, das Unerwartete. Und so schleicht sich eine ermüdende Routine ein und würgt die Faszination, bis man vor Verärgerung flucht.
GameSpot (Oct 06, 2005)
Lost in Blue isn't a perfect extension of the Harvest Moon brand of Zen--it's marred by some inventory-juggling and lots of sometimes-tedious backtracking. Still, it's a fun little journey into the land of the lost that does a good job of making you realize that true survival is a bit more complicated when you can't just vote yourself off the island.
All these complaints aside, Lost in Blue is nonetheless innovative, different and oddly compelling. The game constantly walks the line between being needlessly annoying enough to stop playing and offering you cool enough rewards to keep you glued to the DS. Ultimately, this is far from a shining star of the DS library, but if your tastes is gaming lean in the Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing directions, you could find some enjoyment here.
70 (Nov 14, 2005)
Nouvelle preuve de la volonté d'évolution du jeu vidéo portée par la DS, Lost In Blue est en quelque sorte la version paradisiaque du méconnu SOS : The Final Escape. Misant avant tout sur l'ambiance et sur la mise en place du sentiment de survie, le titre de Konami parvient également à proposer un gameplay original et bourré de bonnes idées. Malheureusement, il pèche par une certaine redondance, un principe trouvant assez vite ses limites et la présence de quelques incohérences malvenues. Néanmoins, en ces temps gris et mornes, il apparaît comme une échappatoire intéressante.
GameZone (Oct 18, 2005)
Lost in Blue is a game that demands so much of your attention that it might wear you down in the end but it is still a game that shows us that the DS can be home to some interesting games. This is a game that will seriously keep you busy but it does so dancing between the urge to survive and the desire to be needed. It’s a good game if you can get past its wearisome nature.
Game Chronicles (Oct 09, 2005)
Perhaps I am just spoiled by the unpredictable plots on ABC’s, Lost, but I found no compelling reason to really finish this game. And I didn’t so much care to escape the island as to merely relinquish my custodial duties of the insufferably cheery Skye. She might be able to whip up a mean seaweed salad but she’s not entirely bright or fun to talk with.
Sadly, few of these activities are even fun the first time, much less the dozens of times you are forced to repeat them. You need more than extensive rubbing, poking and blowing to come out satisfied.
60 (UK) (Oct 26, 2005)
So here’s the thing. It’s playable, and it’s delightfully novel. And for the first few times there’s almost something involving about spending an entire day preparing for the following day’s trip. This becomes somewhat less engaging the thirteenth time you have to do it, just because no straight sticks happen to fall near your cave. Having the commonsense to put movement on the D-pad is to be commended. Messing up the stylus/button combination is to be poo-pood. Back and forth and back and forth. And the painful sexism at the core might be enough to put some off completely. However, it still achieves that magical island feeling. That sense of creating security from the environment, of making home, of surviving, is enticing and exciting. But if only it would just give you the time to play it.
GameSpy (Oct 10, 2005)
It saddens me to see a good idea like this fizzle out like spit on a griddle. I usually give bonus points for original concepts, but Lost in Blue is just too flawed for that type of consideration, and doesn't come close to achieving its goal. The only people likely to enjoy it are Harvest Moon fans. Lost in Blue rarely offers fun, or direction, or compelling gameplay, or good graphics. Thus, I can't offer my recommendation. Let this game stay lost.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 10, 2005)
This game is not an awful game, but it’s not a good game either. It had so much potential that was just squandered. It is unique and neat, but ugly and boring at the same time. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying this, but if you’re an RPG fan, and have a Gamefly membership, then I’d put it on your list. At the bottom. Someday you may play it, and who knows, you may like it.
Lost in Blue is a game with a great concept and a poor execution. The idea of a game based simply on the need for food, water, and shelter has enormous possibilities, but Lost in Blue skims over them, and provides only a shallow overview of what could have been an innovative, unique experience. Although the production values are high and there is a lot of fun to be had at first in discovering new locations and ways to survive, the shine quickly wears off as it becomes apparent that there are only a handful of locations, and that most of the game’s options are useless or redundant.
G4 TV: X-Play (Nov 29, 2005)
I made a really interesting discovery today. After venturing through a cave behind the waterfall, I came across some old ruins. That means there were once humans here! Finally, a breakthrough.

Unfortunately, I think I ventured too far from the cave on my trip, because when I returned I found Skye had succumbed to her stupidity-induced thirst. I guess that's what people would call natural selection at work.

Game Over. And I couldn't be happier.