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March of the Penguins (Nintendo DS)

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This game could have been really good, given it’s great use of locational puzzles and the variety of gameplay elements in the levels. However, the design flaws drag it down. It’s just too hard for its target audience, and the theme and storyline probably won’t interest older players. A tutorial level is badly needed, too. Best for families with older kids who like to solve puzzles.
Not that many people will or should consider buying either version of March of the Penguins. The Lemmings-style puzzles are much too difficult for younger players, while older players will be turned off by how bland and short-lived the overall product is. The silly thing isn't that they made a video game out of a documentary film. The silly thing is that they made it too difficult for one audience and too insubstantial for the other.
Gamers' Temple, The
It’s hard to recommend this game to anyone, even fans of the movie. You get six easy puzzles and six frustrating puzzles for your money, with no incentive to play through the game a second time. You’re better off simply watching the movie again to get your penguin fix.
Educational games are a great idea; getting kids to learn something while having fun is an invaluable tool for teaching. This game is not fun. The game is too hard to be a children's game, and too boring to be a game to recommend to anyone; and that's when it's working and not screwing the player over with bad controls. There are some morsels of mildly amusing gameplay, but for the most part it is a long, tiring, frustrating process. In that respect, Skyworks has really captured the experience of March of the Penguins.
FileFactory Games / Gameworld Network
It's an extremely challenging set of minigames based on the most unlikely movie tie-in ever; give it a pass, unless you're as calm, patient and wise as Morgan Freeman.
The selling point of this game seems to be some sort of edutainment. Yet, besides a few scant factoids in between levels, the game boasts nothing worth teaching. The Lemmings segments rely on repetition and memorization, while success in the rest of the game is determined simply by being present. These aren't sufficient learning methods in the classroom, and they most certainly do not make for a fun game for anyone of any age. Even when a game this unappealing to any demographic ends quickly, it's never soon enough.
Voici un jeu qui n'arrive pas à la cheville du documentaire dont il est issu. Répétitif, à la jouabilité pénible et à la réalisation en dessous de tout, La Marche De L'Empereur sur DS déçoit.
Games Radar
March of the Penguins is a horrendous mess of a game, horrible to play in every way, short of severing your hands at the wrists and squirting lemon on the stumps.