Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Intro - The past
Intro to fighting
Intro - The present
In the castle with a Save and FullHeal block
Time machine returned
Fighting the Shrooboid
... and even level up :)
Travelling through time!
Arrival in the past
Introducing Stuffwell
The inventory screen
Stuffwell explains jumping.
Differently colored blocks
The destroyed village
Mayor gets attacked.
You can't win this one anyway...
The end?
Introducing the kids
Luigi as always ;)
Practice jump
Save menu again - aren't the kids cute? :P
Meeting between generations
Introducing Bros. Items
Bros. Items explained
Kickin' it!
How things came together
Princess Shroob, the villain
After the crash, you're off to find the babies... and this is *not* the end of the introduction yet...