Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Credits

n-Space, Inc.

Project ManagerKenny Ilko
Lead DesignerBill Coyle
DesignersMichael Dillon, Ken Pariser
Additional DesignBrian Parker, Ryan Willis
Lead World BuilderBryce Clark
World BuildersJohn Kanaan
Additional World BuildingJosiah Munsey, Alexander Alza
Art Production ManagerJennifer Chung
3D ModelingM. Jason Greene, Christian Holmes, Crystel Land
Additional 3D ModelingRyan Cooper
AnimatorsBrandon Shakley, Yamil Bermudez
2D ArtMaggie Wang
Additional 2D ArtKen Spirduso, Stephen M. Mabee, Andrew Olson
Effects ArtistsBradley Weckman, Jim Inziello, Leon Harmon Jr.
Engineering ManagerRick Marino
Lead EngineerShane Colliatie
EngineersChristopher Camilleri, Daniel Watkins, Rishi Gupta, O'wes Beck, Giovanni Acosta
Additional EngineeringAndy Sanchez, Jeffrey Rucktenwald, Nick King, Geoffrey Cagle
Audio EngineersTony Porter, Karl Demer
Comic Story ArtJoe Pekar
QA ManagerTrey Dear
QA TestersEric Obara, Joseph Tatarczuk, Bo Barnhill
Studio Creative DirectorTed Newman
PresidentDan O'Leary
In Loving Memory Of...Erick S. Dyke (President 1994-2007)
Special thanks to...The entire n‑Space family, In particular; we'd like to recognize, Gary Mevers, Erica Vago, Jennifer N. Thompson, Sean Purcell, for their efforts in the areas of IT; HR and Administration., Thanks also to, Kim Olivera, and the entire Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 console team.
Our Business Partners...Clyde Grossman, Robert Jacob, Stewart Kosoy, Dan Rogers, Fran├žois Masciopinto, Nick Jacob, Dennis Lenhart, Lela Johnson, Tony Helm (and), Hung Nguyen, Lisa Besemer, John Garzia, Steve Simms, Kevin O'Connell, W. Michael Montgomery, Laura Ragans, Laura Turner, Leroy Berning, David Levan, Mortimer Edwards, Steve Coughlin, Kevin Knight, Dan Mantzaris (and), Mike Bryan, Ben Noel, Thomas Carbone, Brian Salisbury, Aaron Jeromin, Rick Hall, Ronald Weaver, Todd Deery, Belle Avellanet, Shawnna Adamson (and), Gloria LeQuang, Suzy Allen (and)
Our friends, partners, and associates at Activision...Steven Ackrich, Dan Winters, Scott Krager, Brinton Williams, Dennis Bernardo, George Ngo, Doug Heder (and)
Our friends, partners, and associates at Vicarious Visions...Guha Bala, Karthik Bala, Chad Rogers, Chris McEvoy
Our families and friends for all their love and support...The Chung family, Tara, Lucy, and Little Billy Coyle, The Pariser extended family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Dwith Smith, Deanna and Lara, Kimmie and Little 'B', Kimberly Camilleri, Ryan Catterson, Shane Van Gorden, Little Muddy, Northside Riders, The Khans, Kimberly Watkins, Christina Watkins, Trey Prescott, Nicolas Xenos, Daniel Olson, Trey Hudgens, Helen, Robin Clark (and), Bali the Cat, Cheryl, Patrick, Timothy O'Leary (and)

Activision, Inc. - Production

Executive ProducerScott Krager
Associate ProducersBrinton Williams, Doug Heder
Production CoordinatorsDennis Bernardo, George Ngo
Vice President of Production ManagementSteven Ackrich
Activision Production Special ThanksMichael J. Griffith, Laird M. Malamed, Brian Ward, Will Kassoy, Steve Pearce, Maryanne Lataif, Suzan Rude, Jill Barry, Steve Young, Chris G., Alex Mahlke, Jeff Chen, Derek Daniels, Carl Schnurr, Jen Fox

Production Services Europe

Director of Production Services, EuropeBarry Kehoe
Senior Localization Project ManagersAnnette Lee, Bobby Henderson
Localization QA ManagerDavid Hickey


Executive Vice PresidentJim McGinnis
General ManagerJim McGinnis
Senior Vice President of Global BrandRobert Kostich
Director Global Brand ManagementByron Beede
Global Brand ManagerKonrad Ribeiro
Associate Brand ManagerJee Wook Han
Retail Marketing ManagerKimberly Bryant
Associate Retail Marketing ManagerRyan Lacina

Public Relations

Senior PR DirectorMichelle Schroder
PR DirectorMichael Mantarro
Senior PublicistKathy Bricaud
Junior PublicistBree Jandegian-Cotten
Activision Public Relations Special ThanksStep 3

Marketing Communications

VP, Marketing CommunicationsDenise Walsh
Senior Director, Marketing CommunicationsSusan Hallock
Marketing Communications ManagerKaren Starr
Marketing Communications CoordinatorKristina M. Jolly
Video ManagerJill Barry

Supply Chain

Senior Manager of Mainline OperationsJennifer Sullivan
Project Manager of Mainline OperationsDerek Brown
Business and Legal AffairsChristopher Cosby, Gregory Deutsch, Jane Elms, Kap Kang, Danielle Kim, Philip Terzian, Mary Tuck, George Rose
LicensingMarchele Hardin

Quality Assurance

VP Quality Assurance/Customer ServiceRich Robinson
Director, Quality AssuranceMarilena Morini, Christopher D. Wilson

Quality Assurance, Functionality

QA Project LeadJimmy Nguyen
QA Floor LeadTim Shanks
QA TestersMichael Arden, Estevan Becerra, Colin Campbell, Ari Epstein, Danny Flores, Kevin Jones, Timothy Reichenbach, Mike Spragg
QA Senior Project LeadBrad Saavedra
QA ManagerJason Levine

Technical Requirements Group

TRG Submissions LeadsDaniel L. Nichols, Christopher Norman
TRG Senior Platform LeadsSasan Helmi ("Sauce"), Todd Sutton
TRG Platform LeadsZac Blitz, Menas Kapitsas, Eric Stanzione
TRG TestersLucas Goodman, Santiago Salvador, Eddie Fernando Araujo, Steve McIlroy, Justin Gogue, Tomer Mor, Antoine Bohannon ("Bo"), Alex Tomasino, Peter Cho, Mario Ibarra, Phillip Lawless, Joe Pardo, Bryan Papa, Steven Lin, Jeff Koyama, Gary Rojas, Lan Sha, Michael Laursen, Patrick DePalma

QA Burnroom

Burn Room SupervisorJohn Donnelly
Burn Room TechniciansJose Hernandez, Tyree Deramus, Orbel Shakhmalian, Douglas Hernandez, Gerardo Rayos, Ryan Burch, Gary B. Washington Jr., Kai Hsu, Danny Feng, Sean Kim, Rodrigo Magana


Senior Manager, QA TechnologiesIndra Yee
Manager, QA‑MISDavid Garcia-Gomez
Technician, QA‑MISBrian Martin, Lawrence Wei, Teddy Hwang, Jeremy Torres, Jett Castaneda, Chris Gill, Mark Smith
Equipment Coordinator, QA-MISColeman Thaxton, Long Le
Technology Technician, QASean Olson

Database Administration Group

Senior Lead Database AdministratorJeremy Richards
Lead Database AdministratorKelly Huffine
Database TechniciansChristopher Shanley, Timothy Toledo
DBA Senior TesterWayne Williams
DBA TestersMike Genadry, Dennis Soh, Nicholas Chavez, Derrick Davis
Customer Support ManagersGary Bolduc, Michael Hill
QA Special ThanksMichael Clarke, Nadine Theuzillot, Denise Luce, Rachel Overton, Aileen Paul, Jeremy Shortell, Dylan Rixford, Marc Williams, Richard, Giao Nguyen, Kim Nguyen
Manual Layout and DesignIgnited LLC

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65765)