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The limited gameplay changes hardly justify a sequel so soon after the first Star Force, but series fans should have fun regardless.
Worth Playing (Aug 01, 2008)
Mega Man Star Force 2 is an improvement on the same old formula. It plays exactly the same in the overall sense, but it refines things a little, patches in a new story, and generally upgrades things to be better suited to the DS system, avoiding gimmicks in favor of polishing the gameplay and graphics. To casual players, it is mostly the same game. To fans of the series and its predecessor, though, that's just fine. Pick up either version and link with friends to break the game wide open. Certainly, it shows that Capcom knows how to find its audience and make a fun romp for them.
65 (Jul 19, 2008)
For new players the game offers an interesting take on the Mega Man series and for returning players you’ll feel right at home. Regardless, the campaign’s length is more than enough to whet anyone’s Mega Man appetite and the $29.99 price tag suits it just fine. Despite my criticisms and the fact that I got bored of it fairly quickly, I would recommend renting the game to see what you think before going out to buy it.
65 (Nov 25, 2008)
Capcom continue sur sa lancée avec un second volet de Mega Man Star Force sur DS. Reprenant à 95% ce qui avait été établi dans le précédent titre, cette suite ne surprend à aucun moment et souffre d'un rythme poussif qui ternit l'efficacité des phases de combat. Le soft est disponible en deux versions, Zerker X Ninja et Zerker X Saurian, chacune permettant d'obtenir une transformation et des pouvoirs différents.
Game Vortex (Jul, 2008)
It's hard to recommend just purchasing this game out of the blue. If you liked the first game, you'll probably be happy enough with this one. In the Pokemon tradition, there's even another flavor of the game you can buy where you have the option of playing as a Saurian class instead of Ninja. It's just that the story is so bland, it's hard to stay motivated enough to keep playing this game all the way through. It's only mildly addictive. Only mildly.
Overall the game is not bad, but it sure isn't the best Mega Man game that I have played. Though the story is somewhat interesting, much of the aspects that revolve around the actual battles can get tedious. The whole experience was pretty mediocre altogether. Fans of the series will most likely find Mega Man: Star Force 2 a worthy pickup for their DS collections but the rest of the gamers out there should try before you buy.
GamersMark (Aug 02, 2008)
If you’ve already been to your junior prom it’s likely that Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker X Ninja isn’t the game for you. If you’re a huge Mega Man fanatic or a fan of the Battle Network series then you’ll likely find something here, just don’t expect any fresh or innovative ideas.
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 31, 2008)
Overall, the game suffers from the fact that it is basically the eighth game in seven years for this series. There has only really been one roster update for this game! The story is awful, and the gameplay isn't solid enough to carry the weight of an entire RPG. The only people who would enjoy this game are those who have probably already purchased it. It is more of the same and nothing more.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2008)
Besides a few minor tweaks to the battle mechanics, a new story and characters, and the addition of online multiplayer, this is essentially the same game as previous entries in the series. If you were a fan of those games, you'll find 30 to 40 more hours of the same here. If you weren’t, the random battles, fetch quests, and endless bloat won’t change your mind.
GameSpy (Jun 30, 2008)
We're admittedly disappointed that Star Force 2 is so darn similar to its predecessor, but that's just what we were expecting. It would be nice to see Capcom do something a little more radical with this series, but we've probably got another three or four indistinguishable sequels to get through before there's even a chance of that happening. It's still a fine enough game, but the played-out presentation and quest full of repetitive backtracking and fetch quests fail to excite.
IGN (Jul 03, 2008)
There’s not enough, especially so soon after the previous release, to warrant a rehash. Regardless, there are those out there who will love this game. For those fans, we say “enjoy”. To everyone else, stay far away from this title. There are plenty of other games on Nintendo’s little handheld that warrant your money over yet another Capcom rehash.
Gamer 2.0 (Jul 08, 2008)
Both versions of Mega Man Star Force 2, Zerker X Ninja and Zerker X Saurian are prime examples of milking a franchise for all its worth. Not only is the gameplay repetitive and tiresome, but even the graphics and sound do nothing to push the overall experience forward. The only way to warrant a purchase of this game is if you’re a huge fan of the seven previous games in the series, but even hardcore fans should’ve had enough by now.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jul 08, 2008)
Mega Man Star Force 2 is one of those games that makes you wander around and talk to characters until you've found the one that will push the story forward. It's the kind of game that pads itself out with random fights. And, worst of all, it's type of game that tries to pass tired techno-babble off as story. This crime is all the more heinous considering the fact that Mega Man Star Force 2 is aimed squarely at young gamers.
1UP (Jul 01, 2008)
The most painful part of playing Star Force 2 is the amount of interesting -- yet untapped -- plot possibilities: The main character briefly deals with the problems of maintaining a secret identity, his friends' growing expectations for constant help, and the split personality he shares with Mega Man. But none of these threads develop into anything attention-grabbing. If Capcom spices up the battle system a bit and hires some new writers, they may be able to create another Mega Man game worth playing...but until then, I'm keeping Star Force off the air.