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MX vs. ATV Untamed (Nintendo DS)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

MX vs. ATV Untamed Credits

MX vs. ATV: Untamed.

ProducerJim Kalogiratos
Creative DirectorDavid Hewitt
Lead ArtistGavin Kusters
Level DesignRainbow Studios
Supporting ProgrammersMatt Bolger, Ben Han, Michelle Hughes
Supporting DesignersPeter Burns, Clint Reid
QA ManagerPeter Simpson
QASud Abbas, Kristian Brice, Simon Healey, Keith Hew, Eamon Kenny, James Wilson
CEOTom Crago
Director of DevelopmentDavid Giles
Chief Technical OfficerAndrew Bailey
Systems ManagerTrevor Nuridin
MusicShin'en Multimedia
Sound EffectsRainbow Studios

Endgame Studios

DirectorsGrant Davies, Nick Kovac
Lead ProgrammerGrant Davies
ProgrammersJames Eldridge, Chris Hayton
Additional ProgrammerNick Kovac

Rainbow Studios

Senior External ProducerAndrew Johnson
Senior ProducerGraham Wood
Project ManagerScott Thode
Associate ProducerLeanne Pacek
Production CoordinatorRebecca Reeves
Director of TechnologyDennis Booth
Lead Game DesignerBrian Coonce
Director of ArtBrad Doan
Director of AnimationBrad Doan
Art DirectorIan Wood
User Interface ArtistSean McLaughlin, Dustin Young
Lead Character ModelerBoyd Lake
Character ModelersChris Gabrish, Chris Kurash, Jasper Simonds, Aaron Stackhouse
Quality Assurance Senior ManagerTravis K. Riffle
Quality Assurance LeadDavid Sinur
Quality AssuranceMiguel Marquez, A. J. Potash, Haley P. Chivers, Scott Malone, Jason Rothwell, Steve Monahan, Raymond Visner, Kyle Barngrover, Michael Manzano
VP Product DevelopmentRoy Tessler
General ManagerRoy Tessler
Director of Studio FinanceMarji Lent
Director of ITMarji Lent
IT DepartmentDave Favier, Rich McKechnie, Joshua Murdock, Shaun Stuart, Josh Temple
Operations ManagerChristine Bryan
Administration and SupportNicole Carey, Mary Curtis, Cecelia Harris, Greg Hayes, Blanca Moreno, Steve Snow
Additional thanks goes to the families and friends of the development staff; our success begins with your support.


PresidentBrian J. Farrell
CEOBrian J. Farrell
Executive V.P. of Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Senior V.P. of ProductionSteve Dauterman
Senior V.P. of Worldwide MarketingBob Aniello
Director, Global Brand ManagementDavid Miller
Global Brand ManagerDavid W. Newman
Associate Brand ManagerMatthew Weissinger
V.P. Corporate CommunicationsLiz Pieri
Director, Media RelationsRob Cassel
Associate Media Relations ManagerBen Collier
V.P. LicensingTiffany Ternan
Licensing ManagerLisa Matiss
Licensing CoordinatorJenn Petraitis
Music DirectorVictor Rodriguez
Director, Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind, Kirk Somdal
Creative Services CoordinatorLindsey Talbot
Game Evaluation TeamF. Scott Frazier, Eric Weiss
Packaging Layout and DesignOrigin Studios, Richard Watts, Amber McRae

THQ Quality Assurance

Director, Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
QA ManagersMichael Motoda, Mario Waibel
Test SupervisorJeff Braun
Senior Test LeadJeremy Kilichowski
Test LeadsChris Tomassian, Sal Urena
TestersShawn Adams, Jared Beauchamp, Travis Bolek, Gwen Carr, Shawn Cook, Eric Dalehite, Mike DeGar, Matt Dondelinger, Bryan Gallareto, Kharrim Gayle, Benjamin Gogan, Andres Hernandez, Nathan Holzinger, Aaron Ingram, Ian Lawrence, Donny Long, Kyle McAdams, Nate McBeath, David Mercer, Archie Nobles, Ian Olds, Juan Reyes, Caleb Rightnowar, Evan Schroeder, Patrick Thomson, Nathanael Wagers
First Party SupervisorsAdam Affrunti, Joseph Pearson, Jason Tani
First Party LeadsDavid Choe, Alexis Ladd, Scott Ritchie
First Party SpecialistsNathan Bell, Marvin Calhoun, Matthew J. Cooper, Carlos Flores, Jennifer Henschel, David Legois, Brian Leighton, John Mark Owens, Georgeina Schaller, Robert Razo, Russell Brock, Todd Thommes
QA Technicians SupervisorRichard Jones
QA TechniciansLuis Arevalo, Ryan Cashman, Justin Drolet, Lanston A. Eldred, Michael Zlotnicki
Mastering Lab SupervisorAnthony Dunnet
Mastering Lab TechniciansIan Clark, Glen Peters, Heidi Salguero, Ryan Fell
Remastering Project ManagerCharles Batarse
Database SupervisorJonathan Gill
Database AdministratorT. Ryan Arnold
Database Applications EngineerBrian Kincaid
Quality Assurance Operations CoordinatorSteve Nelson, Omar Flores
HR GeneralistLori Ceballos
Customer Service SupervisorColin Thompson
Customer ServiceJodie Geiselman, Theodore Guenther, Peter Svenkerud

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (57870)