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Cheat Code Central (Sep, 2007)
As a whole, Olde World Park is a strong mystery adventure title. It lacks pizzazz in some areas, yet makes up for it in others. The game's major emphasis on telling a complete and engaging story saves what might have otherwise been a let down in terms of actual gameplay. The interactive elements are simple and, though they might not cut it with gaming veterans, should be just fine for most players looking for a good storytelling experience.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 04, 2007)
Nancy Drew and the Deadly Secret of Olde World Park is a surprising experience. It doesn't offer much resistance, but instead propels players through the story, never letting them stop to breath before hurtling them at the next person to talk to or set of clues to examine. It may be short and easy as a result, but it's great for younger gamers and has enough charm to earn the grudging respect of experienced adventure gamers looking to introduce a young relative to the joys of gaming.
IGN (Oct 09, 2007)
Nancy Drew's adventures in mystery-solving have been experienced and enjoyed by several generations' worth of young women, over the course of the past eight decades. And it's nice to see that the character is seeing a fresh resurgence, especially one that doesn't compromise the spirit of the brand. Nancy's still all about finding clues and doing detective work, and her debut DS title gets that focus right. The lacking depth of the mini-game designs and limited exploration aspects could be counted as a negative against The Deadly Secret, but are more likely to just make the adventure more accessible for young female gamers being newly introduced to the adventure genre – it's not hard to imagine that a group of girls would play this game together, each one experiencing the quest and then passing it on to their friends to play through too, just like sharing a good Nancy novel. And we'll hope for even more DS Nancy titles in the future, that can expand upon the foundation established here.
Adventure-Treff (May 14, 2008)
Nancy Drew - The Secret of Olde World Park bietet eine interessante Storyline und ansprechende Grafiken, vergisst dabei aber leider auch auf anspruchsvolle Rätsel und gelungenes Gameplay zu setzen. So bleibt der Anspruch sehr gering und das Spiel gerät eher zum Film, in dem man ab und zu von A nach B laufen, einen Hotspot anklicken oder ein Minigame bestehen muss. Das Spiel unterhält deshalb nur mäßig bis gut, vor allem aber viel zu kurz. Dabei könnte es durchaus Spaß machen, die moderne Nancy Drew auf einem ihrer Abenteuer interaktiv zu begleiten.
Modojo (Jan 08, 2008)
Nevertheless, Nancy Drew: Deadly Secret of Olde World Park hits the spot surprisingly well, rather than dwelling in "girly content" that would've made this game just as insulting as Acclaim's Mary Kate and Ashley line-up. It's got an involving mystery, a likable gameplay system and a design that's truthful to the brave detective. Just make sure you're not playing it in a sports bar around your fellow dudes. You could always say it's one of the "twisted mini-games" in Dementium: The long as they don't see the game cover.
GamerDad (Nov 30, 2007)
This game is pretty clearly aimed at 'tween girls with a focus on relationships with boys and other girls. But there is nothing about it that makes it inappropriate for younger kids - this is a simple tale of a girl trying to do the right thing. Nancy takes chances and does things we wouldn't want our own kids doing, but she interacts respectfully and her heart is always in the right place. The spirit of the books lives on here and I think that anyone up to the reading requirements would enjoy this story and give the game a GamerDad Age Seal of 6+.
Game Chronicles (Oct 10, 2007)
As an attractively illustrated adventure game with very mild difficulty levels, Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park probably isn’t a bad choice for younger gamers or fans of Nancy Drew who might enjoy it as a short, interactive comic book. If you’re looking for something like the PC Nancy Drew games on the DS, though, this title is probably not for you.
Just Adventure (Oct 18, 2007)
The bottom line here is that if you are an adult or experienced adventure gamer, then ND:DSOWP will not hold much appeal, unless you a Nancy Drew completist. But I would highly recommend it for younger gamers as an introduction to the world of adventure games. And Hubert, when can we expect Nancy Drew: Alone in the Dark?
Adventure's Planet (Aug 07, 2012)
Non è mia abitudine stroncare completamente un gioco, e infatti verrebbe da pensare che questo debolissimo capitolo dedicato alla bionda/rossa Nancy possa perfino risultare passabile per chi è molto giovane, e si accontenti di leggere una sorta di blando fumetto – discretamente disegnato - interrotto da piccoli giochi stile ‘passatempo per telefonini’. Ma poi scorgo il prezzo (pieno, oltre i 40 euro) e decido che, stavolta, farò un’eccezione.
40 (Mar 19, 2008)
Nancy Drew est un jeu joli mais creux, un peu comme la belle tête blonde de Bess. Qu'importe donc ses graphismes mignons et son scénario intéressant, on retiendra surtout son gameplay au ras des pâquerettes et sa durée de vie ridicule. Dommage.
Adventure Gamers (Nov 26, 2007)
While the story is worthy of a Nancy Drew mystery, it's really just an excuse for the various repetitive mini-games, and since there's little sense of actually playing as Nancy, this game just isn't worth a full price purchase.
Gamekult (Mar 27, 2008)
Pour la première apparition de Nancy Drew sur la Nintendo DS, le studio Gorilla Systems rate le coche et nous sert un titre souffrant de nombreux défauts masqués derrière des graphismes réussis. Le Mortel Secret du Olde World Park est en effet très court, très dirigiste, et son intérêt ludique est plutôt limité : les quelques mini-jeux sont en effet plutôt moyens et parfois répétitifs, et les rares phases d'action sont bien trop molles. Pour finir, le gameplay n'est pas aussi agréable que la console le permet, car l'écran tactile semble sous-exploité. On pourra toujours se consoler avec le scénario plein de rebondissements, mais une fois le jeu terminé, c'est-à-dire après une petite pincée d'heures, il ne reste vraiment plus grand-chose à la pauvre Nancy.