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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Credits

Developed at EA Canada -

Senior ProducerDavid McCarthy
ProducerTerry Coleman
Lead DesignerSerena Blackwood
Production TeamTim Ginn
Executive ProducerWarren Wall

External Development Team - Sensory Sweep Studios

Senior Development DirectorDavid M. Rushton
ProducerChris Rushton
Lead ProgrammerRod Horsley
Art DirectorTommy Hudson
Lead DesignerJason Ablett
Audio LeadJason Perkins
Technical DirectorDon Milham
Programming TeamSiddharth Aggarwal, Peng-Yu Chen, Joe Houston, Prithvi Jutur, Micah Neilson, Todd Smith
Additional ProgrammingBryce Carroll, Alan Crawford, Limin Gu, Kuy Mainwaring, Brad Timmins
Production SupportLance McKee
ModelersShylow Barker, Robin Kahlen, Rhaelene Lowther, Jeremy Nevens, Manny Rangel, Brad Staley, Matthew Wood
Technical ArtistsGrant Heath, Dave Kemker
Interface DesignersJeff Eschler, Jenna Kemker
Additional ArtJeffrey A. Johnson, Glen Schultz, Daniel W. Whittington
Design TeamCory Cartwright, Fred Gonzalez, Devon Hargraves, Nate Leslie, Ethan Smith
QA ManagerClay Carter
TestersDamien Allen, Brad Butler, Chase Carter, Ben Matson, Nathan Peel, Josh Perschon, Zack Perschon

EA Testing Team

QA ManagerFrank Benton
Test ManagerRichard Seto
TestersScott Ichiiwa, Jordan Koop, Jayesh J. Patel, Jordan Skinner, Carlo Solanoy, Chris Solilo, John Yakimow, Stephen Yau


Localization ProductionSteven Saepan
Localization CoordinationRodrigo Abad, Dario Beretta, Maria Bista, Olivier Cornu, Bernd Niemietz, Alfonsina Mossello, Katy Schütze, Nacho Sendino, Stéphane Tachon, Florian Vanino
Localization TeamAnatole, Franck Badin, Steven Broy, Nathalié Duret, Frederik Hammes, Christine Jean, Alessio Maccabelli, Hervé Mathieu, Julien Nathan, David Pérez

Marketing and PR

Product ManagerKatrina Strafford
Marketing TeamRacquel Mateo, Andy Kim
Public Relations TeamPeter Nguyen
Special ThanksDon Ambridge, Andy Blackmore, Terry Chui, Julie Elliot, Kristian von Ferson, Gabriel Frizzera, Jessica Forrest, Dave Seymour, Jennifer Tait, Brad Turner
Cover ModelJosie Maran
EA LegalNavdeep Lali, Lettecia Rayson
Music CompositionSTATIC

Vehicle Licensing

Trademarks; design patents and copyrights are used with the approval of the owner AUDI AG., The BMW logo; wordmark and model designations are trademarks of BMW AG and are used under license., Ford GT and Mustang GT are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company., General Motors Trademarks are used under license to Electronic Arts., The trademarks Lamborghini; Gallardo and all associated logos are used under license of Lamborghini ArtiMarca S.p.A.; Italy., Elise; Lotus and Lotus Round Device are registered trade marks of Group Lotus plc., Mazda RX-8 is used under approval of Mazda Motor Corporation., Mitsubishi; Eclipse; and Lancer Evolution names; emblems and body designs are trademarks and/or intellectual property rights of MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION and are used under license to Electronic Arts Inc., Porsche; the Porsche crest; 911; Carrera are registered trademarks of Dr. Ing. h.c.F.Porsche AG. Licensed under certain patents., SUBARU trademarks and body designs are properties of Fuji Heavy Industries; Ltd., Lexus and IS300 and associated symbols; emblems and designs are intellectual property of Toyota Motor Corporation and used with permission., Trademarks; design patents and copyrights are used with the permission of the owner VOLKSWAGEN AG.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (57465)