Ninjatown (Nintendo DS)

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Ninjatown Credits


Developed byVenan Entertainment Inc.
Lead DesignerBrandon Curiel
ProducerKaty M. Smith
Game DesignBrandon Curiel, Alex Kain, Katy M. Smith
Scenario DesignBrandon Curiel, Alex Kain
Technical DirectorJason Cody
ProgrammersMichael Hwang, Michael Nannini
Creative DirectionShawn Smith (Shawnimals), Jeremy Pope (Cashmere Productions)
WritersAlex Kain, Robbie Q. Telfer (Shawnimals)
Art DirectorTony Ceddia
Sprite ArtTony Ceddia
Interface ArtMike Hughes
StoryboardsShawn Smith (Shawnimals)
Concept ArtShawn Smith (Shawnimals)
Map SceneryFrank Magnotta
CinematicsDavid Partington (Alert Design UK)
Music and Sound DesignSomaTone Interactive Audio
Additional MusicDerrick Stembridge (DriftingNSilence)
TestersMark Eiben, Caroline Kain, Frank Magnotta, Robert Stewart
External Testing ServicesVMC

Southpeak Interactive

Senior ProducerHoward Perlman
Associate ProducerLee Perez
Creative Manager / PDJohn Kaiser
Technical SupportKeith Weber
QAKeith Weber
Southpeak Publishing TeamTerry Phillips, Melanie Mroz, Aubrey Husted, Leah Windom, Amy Hutchinson, Laura Judge, Katie Morgan, David Dienstbier, Scott Jenkins, Omar Mejia, Daniel Ford
PRSandbox Strategies, Ruth Fraser, Bec Sands, Keiron Fraser, Ren the Cat


Creative DirectorShawn Smith
Creative CollaboratorJen Brody
And Special Thanks to the Entire Shawnimals CrewRhodrick Magsino, Montgomery Smith, Eric Uchalik

Cashmere Productions

ProducerJeremy Pope

Pickle King Productions

VP of Business DevelopmentBill Linn
Executive ProducerCorey Wade
VP of CreativeBobz Fleischer (Pickle King)
Production TeamJay Fitzloff, John Kopp, Alex W. Johnson, Caroline Leon, Jennifer Varon, Edith Yang
Graphic DesignBrian Noto,
LegalBart Blumberg
Special ThanksDan Hsu (Shoe), Crispin Boyer, Devin Winterbottom, Lee Cummings, Ink Stories, Stella D'Arco (KD&E)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69569)