Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan Hints (Nintendo DS)

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Earning a high scoreContributed by Elliott Wu (44) on Nov 30, 2009.

The name of the game here is in one word: Combos.

The higher your combo count, the more obscene your score becomes. This means, quite intuitively, a high score will almost always be a perfect run with no misses.

Getting a perfect with a couple of "ok"s will generally net you a scorecard anywhere between a B to an A. To get the much coveted S rank though, you would have to have no misses, and have 90% or more of your hits be perfect hits.

There is an easier way to get around this though. You'll notice that before a circle needs to be hit, you'll generally see another circle outline slowly closing in on it. This hint circle can be turned off in the option menus once it's been unlocked. (I'll have to figure out how it is though) doing so will give you a 50% boost to your score, making the S rank that much easier to get.

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