Written by  :  NeoJ (455)
Written on  :  May 14, 2009
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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To la-la-la with a stylus

The Good

To play Ouendan is one of the most satisfactory experiences for a videogame player. The music videogame genre is in its own climax with lots of games and series, and Ouendan is probably the most original of them all.

Ouendan is more than just a music game, it's something more and I'm talking about its spirit, its essence. Ouendan is an example of Japanese culture, manga, music and a special feeling hard to describe. The songs selected are perfect, from indie rock to pop and you'll be addicted to them easily and become a fan of the songs instantly. You'll need to learn the songs because the harder levels need it, so, better to begin with the easy ones to memorize all the songs. You have four different difficult levels. When you play for the first time and try the hard level, you'll think that it's impossible, but it's curious how you'll change your mind when you've played and finished the easier levels. Complete all the levels and you'll gain enough experience to try a harder level.

The game is really intuitive and fast, it's a sheer madness... but blessed madness! You'll feel as a complete freak if you finish all the levels because it's not easy, you'll be self-realized.

The Bad

There are minor things, some minor details which make this game not perfect. One of them is the time that you'll have to wait to start playing some songs (you'll have to wait a lot to start playing the last song) because you'll have to watch first the story. You can skip the intro, but you can't skip the song 'till the moment that you start playing, so, you have to wait a little time. It doesn't sound as a problem but when you're playing the last song, the time is very long, and it's the most difficult song, so, you'll have to retry it many times, and watch the story many times too...

The hardest level is really difficult, it's not impossible and that's not something bad, but many people will be frustrated about that.

The Bottom Line

Ouendan is an original game, much better than the Elite Beat Agents, with many highs and some lows. Be fast and precise and don't lose the rhythm. Is there anybody out there who has never followed the rhythm of a song with his hands or feet?