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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Episode 1
Episode selection menu.
We can see the real killer in the intro.
He is trying to blame somebody else.
Evidence - autopsy report
The defendant
The court session begins.
Your first case, so you are nervous.
Select your answer.
Your boss
The murder weapon
Somebody is getting angry.
Another piece of evidence
Exposing lies.
He's breaking.
On the place of murder
Who are you?
Searching for evidence.
Case 2: Talking with the defendant at the detention center.
All beauty and no brains, apparently.
What are we getting into?
The feared prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.
Things aren't going Edgeworth's way.
Dramatic closeup
Case 3: The accused is a famous actor.
Interrogating the witnesses.
Getting some details from the detective in charge.
Case 5: We get a visit from a desperate girl.
Case 5 allows you to examine evidence in 3D to see the details.