Picross DS Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The title screen.
The game will offer you an explanation of how the game works on the first start up.
The main menu, allowing you to play puzzles, do daily challenges, compete with your friends online, and even design your own puzzles.
A basic 5x5 puzzle.
That's one puzzle solved.
The game gives your picture some animation and color once you solve it.
More advanced puzzles involve larger grids.
If you're having trouble with a puzzle, the game will select a row and column at random and solve it for you.
Getting there...
Try to chip away a block that you shouldn't and you'll receive a time penalty.
The pause menu gives you the option of saving your current puzzle for later.
The largest puzzles are a whopping 20 by 20 square grid.
The time attack option, which runs you through five puzzles and times you.
The results of Daily Picross.
Options for My Picross, allowing you to design your own puzzles to share with your friends.
Customizing my masterpiece...