Platinum Sudoku Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Platinum Sudoku Credits


ProducerBogdan Lucaci
Executive ProducerPhilippe Laurens
Gameloft Creative DirectorStanislas Dewavrin
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Sound DirectorRomain Gauthier
Lead ProgrammingAndi George Matei
ProgrammingAlexandru-Mihai Tica, Bogdan Bitere, Daniel Nay
Game DesignSilviu Sorin Anton, Dan Teodorescu, Andrei Vasilescu
Graphic ArtistsLaurentiu Francisc Parota, Laura Alecu, Cristian Laurentiu Stefan
Sound DesignHenri-Pierre Pellegrin
Localisation ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
Quality Assurance ManagerCostel Apopii
Quality Assurance LeadsEugen Baicea, Florin Mircea, Benjamin Goulet
Quality Assurance TestersGeorge Olivian Apopii, Andrei Boncila, Mihai Dragan, Victor-Emil Iancu, Teodor Vasile, Catherine Lecours, Erick Bissonnette
Lead Handheld SpecialistJean-Dominic Audet
Handheld SpecialistsFrancis Quintal, Cosmin Cojocea, Cosmin Munteanu

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204670)