Pokémon HeartGold Version Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen.
Opening video - Cut to the generic character that the player will inhabit (NB. Windtowers, while eco-friendly, are hazards to migrating Flying-Type pokémon!)
Opening video - A lineup of the remnant oligarchy that runs the crime syndicate Team Rocket, dispute the organizations dissolution three years previous.
Professor Oak has a personal question. Here the player selects their avatar. The female avatar has an interesting choice of fashions, even for 2009.
The mailing system only allows certain words to be selected, and frowns on conjunctions and conjugation.
A level up is, most naturally, accompanied with a stat increase.
Talking to the pokémon following you will reveal its mood. In this case the mood might be: Adorable.
Info about where a pokémon was caught, who caught it, its temperament, name... Suspicously, for a Japanese game, no blood type!?
Status effects such as poison, lowering Health Points at at the end of each turn, can have major effects on the outcome of a battle.
Team Rocket has devised a gruesome scheme. The harvesting of a delicacy, the Slowpoke's tail. This limb will grow back but the pokémon surely suffers...
Dual battles can be fought where four pokémon fight. I had a victory, good thing I'm sending some of my money to mom.
Good thing I'm sending some of my money to mom... Exchanging phone numbers with different characters will result in getting calls from them.
TM's can be used to teach a pokémon an attack. The description and stats of the move are displayed from the messenger.
Trying to tune my radio by moving a tuning dot over the globe. Currently getting a shaky signal.
Powerful attacks will tend to change the way the entire battle screen looks.
Oh really? I'd be delighted! Pleasure to know you!
The battle intro 'splash' screen when fishing for water pokémon/
The weather can effect battles. Strong sunlight increases the power of fire attacks.
The dress-up mode. Mustache and fluff on this beast at once!
In the Safari Zone mode players try to capture pokémon without fighting them. By luring them into a sense of complacency with food or making them lose their cool by pelting them with mud.
Different areas are introduced by bits of art.
This cave is too dark! The entire screen will not be visible here unless a pokémon that knows the move "Flash" is available.
Although previous pokémon games had slot machines in the gambling areas this one has Minesweeper.
The player going undercover in Team Rocket garb.
Getting a photo taken of myself and the team
This pokémon is shivering and cuddling up...
Being hit with a powerful mover.
The mythical pokémon Ho-oh appears when certain criteria are fulfilled.
Poison wearing off...
Some trainers have a pithy comment ready for when they are backed up against a wall.
Preparing to load this Drowzee to the Pokéwalker
Physical attacks augmented by elemental damage.
Gym leaders to be beaten.
This gym require a pokémon that can be ridden through water.
This is the in-game office of Game Freak Inc. All the developers have encouragement to give!
A directional puzzle challenge in the final gym.
Interrupting a midnight conclave of pokémon.
A pokédex entry. Height, weight, footprint... I hear this creature has the most savage heart of all the pokémon.
A pokéathalon mini-game. Played through the touchscreen. Touch the stones to break them before the pokémon fatigues.
Another pokéathalon game, snowball fight! Flick snow at the rival teams.