Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo DS:
    A crazy departure from your normal Pokémon game, Pokémon Trozei is a speedy puzzle game that will send your stylus flying! Your goal is to match the faces of four Pokémon in the game board to remove them, then string together more Pokémon faces to perform big combos. The Pokémon keep coming faster and faster, increasing the challenge the more you play. When you clear a set of Pokémon, that Pokémon will be added to your Pokédex, so look out for rare and special Pokémon to clear from the board! All of the 386 Pokémon available through Pokémon FireRed Version and Pokémon LeafGreen Version are in Pokémon Trozei, but it'll take a great many games to catch them all!

    The story of Pokémon Trozei is unique to the world of Pokémon. You are Lucy Fleetfoot, an agent of the Secret Operations League, whose goal is to recover kidnapped Pokémon from the evil Phobos Battalion. When you line up four of the same Pokémon, they'll be whisked away from the clutches of the nefarious organization.

    Compete against your friends in thrilling head-to-head clashes. Even if you're in the middle of a game, Pokémon Trozei will pause the action so you can compete right away, then resume your game when the multiplayer action ends. Even if you're not playing against a friend, your Pokémon Trozei game will stay alert for other Pokémon Trozei players in the local area and automatically exchange Agent Cards with other Nintendo DS™ systems. Collect Agent Cards to increase the chances of finding rare Pokémon in single-player mode.

    Contributed by Michael Cassidy (20650) on Jul 05, 2015.

Back of Case - DS (AUS):

    Experience endless Pokémon puzzle action in this brand-new puzzle game!

    Using the stylus, slide Pokémon puzzle pieces. Line up four in a row (vertically or horizontally) to make a "Trozei" and clear the screen. It's easy to learn, with fun and addictive play for all ages!
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    • Slide Pokémon puzzle pieces from side to side or up and down.
    • Create continuous Trozeis to clear the screen faster and increase your score.
    • Rescue stolen Pokémon from the evil organisation, in Adventure Mode.
    Find and line up over 380 Pokémon puzzle pieces to complete your Trozei list.

    Battle wirelessly with your friends to help uncover rare Pokémon for your collection.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4676) on May 05, 2007.
    The evil Phobos Battalion has been kidnapping Pokémon, and it’s up to Lucy Fleetfoot, an agent of the Secret Operations League, to save the day! She’ll sneak into a multitude of Phobos Battalion bases, and you’ll help her rescue Pokémon by lining them up in their Poké Balls, four-in-a-row, so they can be beamed to safety far away! And if you think the Phobos Battalion is difficult to deal with, Pokémon Trozei also lets you go head-to-head with friends in some fierce puzzle battles! So grab your DS and get to work – 386 different Pokémon are waiting to be trozeid!

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Nov 09, 2006.

Press release (14th March 2006):

    Puzzle Your Way To Free Pokémon!

    All the greatest Pokémon characters in one place

    14th March 2006
    – Get set to experience a whole new dimension to the world of Pokémon, as Pokémon Link! the all-new slide action puzzle adventure launches exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Providing an exciting new addition to the Pokémon series, Pokémon Link! is available across Europe on the 5th May 2006.

    Featuring over 380 characters from the Game Boy Advance Pokémon video game series, Pokémon Link challenges players to line up four of their favourite Pokémon icons in a row as they drop onto the game screen. Using the Nintendo DS's stylus and touch screen, players must move the icons horizontally or vertically to join up four of the same type. Once a line is formed 'Link Chance' occurs and the icons are cleared from the screen and collected in the players 'Link List'. By strategically moving Pokémon into certain formations, players can obtain higher scores with a 'chain reaction' where icons falling into cleared spaces create further 'Links'. To help form chains, for a short time after a successful link, a link of three Pokémon instead of four will clear, followed by a link of two.

    Further to the sliding puzzle mode, an all-new adventure mode brings this exciting and unique new Pokémon world to life. Fans must guide secret agent Lucy Fleetfoot through this world on a mission to rescue stolen Pokémon from the evil organisation, "Phobos". In this epic adventure she will encounter Pokémon of all shapes and sizes from every previously released game.

    For a chance to battle against friends, players can make use of the Nintendo DS's wireless functionality in 'Link Battle Mode', or join forces with them in 'Pair Link Mode' to challenge the game's high score in a co-op. Pokémon Link also allows players to compare scores with those of their friends through the games "Ranking Stats" facility. What's more, rare Pokémon are much more likely to appear in multiplayer modes, making this a must for the dedicated collector.

    By using the 'Download Play' function of the Nintendo DS, players can enjoy Pokémon Link with their friends, even if they do not own a copy of the game! 'Pokémon Link! Mini' allow players to enjoy battle and pair Link modes with just one game card.

    Pokémon Link! also features an 'Espionage Mode', which works in a similar way to 'bark mode' seen in Nintendogs. Players can create an 'Agent Card' featuring their nickname and message. When passing another DS in 'espionage mode' the agent cards will be traded. Collecting these cards also increases the chance to find rare Pokémon.

    With four exciting modes to experience and new and exciting visuals, Pokémon Link! will appeal to young and old Pokémon fans alike when it launches across Europe on the Nintendo DS from 5th May 2006 for the estimated retail price of around £30

    Contributed by Sciere (497458) on Mar 19, 2006.

Press release (19th December 2005):

    Pokémon® Trozei

    Format: Nintendo DS™
    Launch Date: 03/06/06
    ESRB: E (Everyone)
    Game Type: Puzzle
    Players: 1-2

    Game Information

    Developed by Genius Sonority Inc.

    • Using the stylus, experience endless Pokémon puzzle action in this easy-to-learn, hard-to-put-down puzzle game.

    • The game has four modes: two single-player and two two-player.

    • More than 380 Pokémon appear as puzzle pieces.
    Game storyline: Lucy Fleetfoot is a secret agent for Secret Operations League ("SOL"), whose mission it is to rescue stolen Pokémon from an evil organization known as the "Phobos Battalion." In story mode, the player's goal is to stop the Phobos Battalion and to discover why it is stealing Pokémon.

    How to progress through the game: Using the stylus, players can line up four Pokémon puzzle pieces in a row (vertically or horizontally) to create a "Trozei" and add Pokémon to their Trozei List. Once a Trozei happens, it can be turned into a chain reaction by lining up three in a row, and then two in a row, to clear those pieces from the screen. The longer a player keeps a Trozei going, the higher the score. However, if the pieces stack up too high and reach the top of the screen, the game is over.

    Another game objective is to complete the Trozei List. This list contains all Pokémon that a player has been able to Trozei. Some Pokémon are harder to Trozei than others. Players can increase their chances of finding rare Pokémon by playing wirelessly with friends. Players also can frequent the "Agent Café" and use the "Espionage Mode" to exchange "Agent Cards" with friends for a chance to catch other rare Pokémon.

    Special powers/weapons/moves/features: There are four modes to play in Pokémon Trozei: two single-player, a battle mode for two players to go against each other and a mode for teaming up with a friend. The multiplayer modes use the DS wireless function. The game also has a wireless distribution mode where players can relay a playable demo version of the game – Pokémon Trozei Mini – that allows other players the opportunity to experience the game.

    Contributed by Sciere (497458) on Mar 19, 2006.
    Line up four in a row & you're good to go!

    Experience endless Pokémon puzzle action in Pokémon Trozei, a brand-new puzzle game only for Nintendo DS. Using the stylus, slide Pokémon puzzle pieces and line up four in a row (horizontally or vertically) to make a "Trozei" and clear the screen.


    • Find a line up over 380 Pokémon puzzle pieces to complete your Trozei list.
    • Battle or cooperate wirelessly with friends to help uncover rare Pokémon for your collection.
    • Rescue stolen Pokémon and uncover the evil plans of the Phobos Battalion in Adventure mode.
    • Distribute a version of Pokémon Trozei with limited functions to friends, allowing you to compete or cooperate with a friend using just one game card!

    The Basics

    When you line up four identical Pokémon vertically or horizontally, it's called a Trozei. When you get a Trozei with four or more Pokémon, they disappear from the screen and you enter Trozei Chance mode. While the Trozei Chance lasts, you can Trozei three or more Pokémon, and then two Pokémon.

    When you line up more Pokémon than needed to get a Trozei -- such as a Trozei with five Pokémon instead of four -- a Ditto will appear. Since Ditto can be Trozeid with any Pokémon, they come in very handy and can help you rack up big points.

    Here is a closer look at the four modes of play in Pokémon Trozei.

    Trozei Adventure (1 Player)

    In Adventure mode, you play as Lucy Fleetfoot in an action-packed mission to save tons of Pokémon from the evil Phobos Battalion.

    Endless Trozei (1 Player)

    In this mode, your goal is to challenge your high score by playing as long as possible. Select a starting level, then let the Trozei marathon begin. When the number of remaining Pokémon reaches zero, you move to the next level.

    Trozei Battle (2 Players)

    In Trozei Battle, the player whose field has been filled with Pokémon will lose. If you make numerous Trozeis during the battle, you can send Pokémon that are in your Pokémon set to your opponent's field.

    Pair Trozei (2 Players)

    Your goal in Pair Trozei is to challenge the high score while cooperating with a friend. The more Continuous Trozeis you make, the easier it is for your partner to get Trozeis because the number of types of Pokémon will decrease on their field. Also, Dittos will drop on your partner's field instead of yours.

    Lucy Fleetfoot to the Rescue!

    The storyline in Pokémon Trozei is much deeper than you'd expect in a puzzle game. The evil Phobos Battalion has been stealing countless Poké Balls containing Pokémon and carrying them to their secret bases using machines called Phobos Mobiles. Playing as Lucy Fleetfoot, your mission is to rescue the stolen Pokémon from the Phobos Battalion.

    To rescue Pokémon, you'll need to use a gadget called the Trozei Beamer. This device allows you to scan Poké Balls and then transfer the Pokémon inside to safety. An accurate lock is required for transfer, which means that you have to line up Poké Balls containing identical Pokémon in a straight line.

    To rescue all of the stolen Pokémon, you'll have to battle your way through a long series of increasingly challenging levels and boss battles with Phobos Battalion generals.

    Bottom Line

    Pokémon Trozei is a great new puzzle game. The Pokémon flavor will definitely appeal to Pokémon fans, but even if you're not a Pokémon fanatic this game is worth checking out just for the great puzzle action. The basic gameplay mechanics are easy to learn, but the longer you play the more you realize that there is real depth beneath the deceptively simple exterior. This is a must-play for any puzzle fan.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65877) on Mar 19, 2006.