Professor Layton and the Curious Village Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
The prologue
The game features some seriously impressive production values for a DS game with tons of stylish, well-drawn FMV animation and voice-acted dialogue.
More shots of the opening FMV
Story sequences that aren't presented via video, use subtly animated still images.
The villagers aren't eager to let any outsiders into their town... possibly because most of them are certifiably insane.
Each puzzle yields a certain number points or "picarats". Each unsuccessful attempt to solve a puzzle reduces that number. The harder the puzzle, the higher the initial number of picarats.
One of the easier puzzles from very early in the game. Don't count on them staying that way for long.
"I GOT YOU ASS!" A short animated sequence that plays after you have submitted your answer will have you questioning your own logic each and every time.
Yeey! You win this time.
Game's hub might remind most players of a point and click adventure.
Talking to another villager who might or might not be morbidly obsessed with riddles... who am I kidding - everyone in this game is.
Another fairly easy puzzle
And this is what happens if you screw up. Occasionally the game will drop a helpful tip during one of these.
Another shot from the game's hub
Ohh, yeah! If you expect this game to baby you past the first two or three puzzles, you'd be in for a rude awakening.