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N-Zone (May 06, 2007)
Rayman Raving Rabbids gehört mit zu den witzigsten und durchgeknalltesten Spielen der letzten zwölf Monate. Das gilt sowohl für die Wii-Version als auch für die DS-Fassung. Im Unterschied zum Wii ist Rayman hier allerdings auf traditionellen Jump&Run-Pfaden unterwegs. Allerdings steuert ihr Rayman nicht nur direkt, sondern sammelt auch per Stylus wertvolle Gegenstände ein, aktiviert Katapulte und räumt Hindernisse aus dem Weg, während Rayman immer geradeaus läuft. Der Spaß wird durch einen superben Soundtrack ergänzt, wenn auch die Qualität zu wünschen übrig lässt.
Nintendo Front (Apr 10, 2007)
Man fragt sich wirklich, wie oft man diese verschwindende Vorfreude bei Handheld-Titeln noch erleben muss. Dabei wäre der DS gerade zu perfekt geeignet um die Minispiele in besserer oder gleichwertiger Ausführung auf den Handheld zu übertragen. Immerhin stehen zwei Bildschirme, ein Mikrofon und ein Touchscreen zur Verfügung. Letztlich ist die DS-Variante aber nur ein normales Rayman geworden mit einigen kleinen Touchscreen-Einlagen und mit verkorkster Optik und teils schwacher Musik. Hier hat Ubisoft leider durchaus Potenzial verschenkt und sich auf falsche Punkte konzentriert. Trotzdem bleibt „Raving Rabbits“ auf dem DS auch ein spielbarer Titel, welcher trotz der Schwächen noch genügend Stärken für ein typisches Plattform-Spiel zu bieten hat. Nur sollte man keine wirklich gelungene Umsetzung des großen Vorbildes erwarten.
Nintendojo (2007)
Rayman Raving Rabbids for DS is a fun and energetic game that works well as a platformer, but horribly as a showcase. The game controls well, but has many graphical problems. If you can overlook the graphics and have an interest in losing yourself for a few hours, Rabbids is worthy of your purchase.
NGamer (Apr 25, 2007)
Solidly average then. And Rayman responds to the DS's controls about as dextrously as a snail whose shell has been filled with helium.
4Players.de (Mar 22, 2007)
Die DS-Rabbids haben einen großen Nachteil: Sie hängen irgendwo zwischen der Rückkehr zu den Rayman-Hüpfwurzeln und den verrückten Wii-Minigames - aber ohne die Qualitäten beider Vorlagen zu erreichen. So gibt es hier nette Jump-n-Run-Sequenzen, die aber an der mangelhaften Technik leiden, während die Minigames zwar nett gemeint, aber abwechslungsarm daherkommen. Bleiben noch die DS-exklusiven Touchpad-kontrollierten Levels, die mich mehr als alles andere genervt haben. Und von dem verrückten Grafikstil der großen Vorlage bleibt auf dem DS leider auch nicht viel übrig: Die Figuren sind krümelig klein, die Farben verwaschen, viele 2D-Bilder (schlimmes Beispiel: Der Fortschrittsbildschirm) sind grausam verpixelt. Auf dem DS hat Rayman scheinbar einfach nicht sehr viel Glück: Rayman DS war mäßig, Raving Rabbids ist nicht besser. Schade.
IGN (Mar 26, 2007)
I was absolutely conflicted reviewing this game. First impressions were not so nice when I booted up Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Nintendo DS: the hideously low resolution visuals with a painfully choppy framerate were enough to write this one off as a farted-out Nintendo DS product. What saves this product is the gameplay. Sure, there are some silly touch screen intermissions, but there's a solid game hidden amongst the ugliness, from the fun traditional platforming elements to the original Yoshi's Touch 'n Go inspired touch-screen challenges. I'm sure the level designers on the team were absolutely frustrated with the technical programmers; it is truly is one of the ugliest "quality" games on the system, and it's the reason why this game's getting merely a "passable" score.
Play.tm (Mar 29, 2007)
Rayman has the potential to be a super little platforming character, but he's always going to have a tough time in shouldering up to the genre's big boys. After the success of Raving Rabbids on Wii, Ubisoft could have had a good chance to replicate something along those lines on the DS, using the console's unique control scheme to create something worthy of merit. Unfortunately, they've taken the easier option of creating a hackneyed title with a series of touch screen controls tacked-on. It feels like there's only one thing left to say: better luck next time, Rayman.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 15, 2007)
Classique, très classique que ce nouvel épisode de Rayman, ceci n'étant pas nécessairement synonyme de mauvais jeu. Tirant parti des capacités de la console, mélangeant mini-jeux, phases de plates-formes ou passages un peu plus interactifs, le titre d'Ubisoft s'apprécie sans pour autant se savourer.
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 26, 2007)
Maybe like Jean Reno's knight in Les Visiteurs, Rayman would have been better off suited sticking to his own time and place. Alternatively, he needs to commit to DS gaming's here and now to truly win us over.
GamesRadar (Mar 26, 2007)
he third type of gameplay is a selection of 9 mostly throwaway mini-games, such as completing a slide puzzle, memory-matching pairs of cards, or completing some action-based task. They don't add much, but the other two gameplay types complement one another nicely, and it all plays pretty competently, one particularly heinous boss battle aside. The level designs are clever-ish, if not actually Mario-quality impressive. The biggest let-down? Easily the graphics, which are full of chunky shapes and primitive, basic textures and colors that wouldn’t look out of place on the original PlayStation. Well, and the fact that you can’t play this on a next-gen console like Wii, PS3, or 360.
GameSpot (Mar 30, 2007)
But an enjoyably oddball soundtrack isn't enough to salvage Raving Rabbids on the DS. While the idea of a new Rayman platformer sounds well and good, this game feels perfunctory and undercooked in most every capacity. It's not pleasant to look at, the gameplay is inconsistent, and the level designs are more dull and repetitive than anything else. It's playable enough for those anxious to get a proper Rayman fix, but once you're done, you'll probably forget you ever played it.
GameSpy (Apr 02, 2007)
If you have the means, then for goodness sake, stick with the Wii version of Raving Rabbids. It's a far more enjoyable (and prettier) experience. If you're absolutely dying to play a platformer on your DS, there are plenty of better options out there. Let's just chalk this one up as a missed opportunity.
1UP (Apr 23, 2007)
Rayman: Raving Rabbids simply loses all of its appeal on the DS. The constant switching between three types of gameplay just means you'll never really get into any of them, and the hilariously crazy Rabbid characters of the console versions are sparse and disappointingly tame when they do pop up. About the only assets carried over are the few licensed songs, which you'll hear ad nauseam in the race levels. There are several vastly superior side-scrollers on the DS, and there's always WarioWare: Touched! if you're in the mood for minigames. Hopefully it will be a good long while before we see another Rayman on the system, as it's been nothing but disappointment thus far.
Rayman Raving Rabbids for the DS has upset me. I really wanted this game to be fun, as I am a long-time fan of Rayman. While the Wii version is an oddly enjoyable experience, the DS version is a complete disappointment. With other good platforming games such as the previously mentioned New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, I just can't recommend this game to anyone. Especially if you already have some anger issues, do yourself and your DS a favor and don't touch this game.