Red Bull BC One Credits


Executive Vice PresidentRogier W. Smit
Chief Technical OfficerDominique Morel
Production DirectorDominique Morel
Chief Marketing, Licensing & Sales OfficerPierre-Yves Thiercelin
Executive ProducerMartin Janse
Product Support Services ManagerHoang-Minh Luu
Legal & Production SpecialistMaaike Chanowski
Sales ManagerRussell Beadle
Marketing ManagerBeco Mulderij
PR ManagerRick van Beem
Junior Product ManagerErik Coenen
Sales AssistantArianne Burm
Legal CouncilJeroen Zandt
Testing TeamStefan Snip, Bram Wijkhuise, Bugtracker
LocalizationPartnertrans, Jayce K. Senbanjio
Graphics / DTPBernhard Doeller
Special thanks toWillem M. Smit (Chief Executive Officer), and everyone at Playlogic International

Smack Down Productions

ProducerLaurent Benadiba
Technical DirectorSylvain Cunzi
Design DirectorFranck Drevon
Graphic DesignFranck Drevon
Art DirectorFrancis Malvesin
ProgrammingBastien David, Alexandre Valdenaire, Youen Toupin, Laurent Benadiba
Character Modelling 3DCédric Cadiergues
AnimationCédric Cadiergues
3D ArtJean-Marc Langue, Francis Malvesin
2D ArtCédric Cadiergues
Level DesignJonathan Dell'aquila
Internal QAJonathan Dell'aquila
Sound DesignSteven Velema
MusicSteven Velema
Sound EngineJuan Linietsky
Special thanks toour wives & girlfriends who support our strange nocturnal hours and video games passion.
Web prototype developed bySoepel B.V.

Other Games

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Beco Mulderij, 30 other games
Rogier W. Smit, 20 other games
Willem M. Smit, 18 other games
Steven Velema, 16 other games
Sylvain Cunzi, 16 other games
Franck Drevon, 16 other games
Russell Beadle, 15 other games
Pierre-Yves Thiercelin, 15 other games
Francis Malvesin, 14 other games
Martin Janse, 13 other games
Rick van Beem, 11 other games
Bernhard Doeller, 11 other games
Stefan Snip, 9 other games
Laurent Benadiba, 9 other games
Erik Coenen, 8 other games
Jonathan Dell'aquila, 8 other games
Bram Wijkhuise, 8 other games
Hoang-Minh Luu, 8 other games
Maaike Chanowski, 7 other games
Jean-Marc Langue, 7 other games
Juan Linietsky, 6 other games
Alexandre Valdenaire, 6 other games
Jeroen Zandt, 5 other games
Youen Toupin, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (200383)