Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The title screen. Classic! Featuring Chris Redfield with his mouth wide open and screaming in terror!
Again, the title screen. And again: classic!
The cheesy and classic intro. Unfortunately, it's still the censored intro from the US/European releases of RE1
Another part of the intro. Unfortunately, the Japanese version of this remake is censored as well.
Yet another part of the intro. Cheesy 90's live action FMV awesomeness! Thank god they changed it for the GameCube remake
Jill Valentine, bitches! Sorry for that...
Barry Burton, the original one, before RE: Gaiden for the GBC
Entering the mansion... it all seems pretty calm right now...
Barry and Jill examining what seems to be Chris' blood. "What is it?" "Blood"
Crappy 90's CG zombie! Man, the CG they used on games was pretty lame back then...
Killing a zombie, RE-style: holding a button, aiming with the doomed tank control style and pressing a button to fire. Old-school
Headshot! Barry and his trusty magnum
Exclusive to the DS version's Rebirth Mode: use the stylus to slice up some zombies with your knife
Now that's scary, even now: dogs comin' out of the windows by surprise
The great, the classic, the legend, one of the reasons why people remember RE1 so fondly: JILL SANDWICH! Unfortunately, it was cut from the GameCube remake, maybe to make it more "serious" (right...)