Retro Atari Classics Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Retro Atari Classics Credits

Taniko, LLC

ProgrammingJohn Jacecko, Mark Jawad, Alex Montgomery, Omar Cornut
ProductionCarlos Rodriguez
Art/DesignNasim Peterson, Patrick Charpenet, Douglas W. Cope
Sound/MusicAllister Brimble
Music & FXAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
Sound DriverLogic State
Taniko Wishes to ThankRich Adam, Kelly Charpenet, Erin Colbert, Dan Coogan, Johanna Gendron, Somalia Goldsby, Kathleen Jacecko, Michael Jampo, David Legrand, Ed Rotberg, Alec Scheetz, Valerie Tching
Classic Atari Remixes Design and Art Courtesy Of:Todd James (REAS), Shepard Fairey (Studio Number One), Boris Tellegen, Alain Maridueña
eRelevant / ProducerFrédéric Markus


Executive ProducerPeter Wyse
ProducerDavid T. Brown
Senior Vice President, MarketingErik Gerson
Director of Brand MarketingMichael Webster
Brand ManagerScott McCarthy
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Senior Art DirectorDavid Gaines
Documentation SpecialistRoss Edmond
CopywriterNorm Schrager
Manager of Publishing Support ServicesEzequiel Nunez
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Q.A. Testing SupervisorJason Cordero
Lead TesterJeffrey L. Loney
Assistant Lead TesterEric Pacho
TestersRandy Alfonso, Kimo Pamintuan, Randy Nguyen, Hai Chau Bui, Anwar Malimban
Manager, Engineering Services, and Compatibility LabDavid Strang
Engineering Services SpecialistKen Edwards
Engineering Services TechniciansDan Burkhead, Eugene Lai
Director, Strategic RelationsJoy Schneer
Sr. Manager, Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz
Strategic Relations SpecialistArthur Long
Senior PR ManagerMatthew Frary
Director, Global Web ServicesJon Nelson
Producer, OnlineScott Lynch
Senior Web Designer, OnlineRichard Leighton
Online Marketing ManagerSarah Pike
Vice President, OperationsTodd Curtis
Director of ManufacturingEddie Pritchard
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti
Materials PlannerJanet Sieler
Process PlannerNichole Mackey
Special ThanksAll of our friends at Nintendo of America, Brian Hsieh, Susan Tumang, Paula Richardson, Sandi Smith, Matthew Brown, Sona Rae Wyse, Yukako Inoue, Kristene Lowell, Courtney Christenson, Randy Buchholz, Eugene Lai, Mark Soderwall, Aron Drayer, Kyle Peschel, Terry Herrera

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Credits for this game were contributed by MadEwokHerd (135)