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Retro Atari Classics (Nintendo DS)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.0
Overall MobyScore (3 votes) 2.4

The Press Says

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Game Informer Magazine
I'd rather bask in the retro style of the 2600 than some half-assed attempt at updating the look of Warlords. However, with two great titles, two good ones, and six mediocre games, this cart is easily worth a purchase.
Atari Retro Classics was a nice idea but really it comes down to whether you like the games on the cart or not. The graffiti probably could have had a bit more work done to it but they probably wanted to retain the same character and feel of the original games. Only a few work in graffiti mode well, but those that do are really well done with the rest making up a fairly solid package for on the go gaming.
Atari Retro Classics was a nice idea but really it comes down to whether you like the games on the cart or not. The graffiti probably could have had a bit more work done to it but they probably wanted to retain the same character and feel of the original games. Only a few work in graffiti mode well, but those that do are really well done with the rest making up a fairly solid package for on the go gaming.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Those who are not purists and just want a quick fix on the go will do fine here. The added features may actually end up appealing to them, whether or not they defeat the purpose of a classic compilation. There's no question that Tempest will forever be memorable in any form, and Warlords in multi-player is a must (with wireless options). If you don't mind change and you're not too attached to your childhood, this little set will serve you fine. Otherwise, the aggravations aren't worth the effort.
Mist – da habe ich mich wohl zu früh gefreut: Die Retro Atari Classics sind mitnichten cool angepasste DS-Versionen der Klassiker, sondern teilweise sogar abgespeckte Umsetzungen, mit schwankfreudiger Steuerung und vollkommen unnötigem Remix-Modus – kein Spiel profitiert von der neuen Optik. Im Gegenteil, der Oldie-Faktor geht flöten, in manchen Fällen wird das Game gar unspielbar. Richtig gelungen sind mit Missile Command und Warlords eigentlich nur zwei Games. Den Rest schaut man kurz an, und spielt ihn danach nie wieder. Nicht mal im Mehrspielerbereich können die Retro Atari Classics punkten: Warum jeder Spieler ein eigenes Modul benötigt, will mir partout nicht in den Kopf. Schade, verdammt schade.
Game Chronicles
This game suffers from “what could have been” syndrome. Atari could have done so much more: better multi-player options, more games, more faithful reproductions, etc., etc. While this game is not destined for a New Mexico landfill, it is also not destined to be a centerpiece in your DS collection. At least we’ve learned that when Atari falls, they always seem to come back. Hopefully next time they will hit the mark.
Ten "okay, kind of accurate" conversions of arcade games add up to a barely average package on the Nintendo DS. The game's saving grace, single cartridge multiplayer, never appears, and the game's new "remixed" mode to attract non-retro gamers almost literally beats these classics down with an ugly stick. Atari produced a much better handheld compilation pack on the Game Boy Advance with lesser hardware a couple of years back, and the direction that the company went with Retro Atari Classics is a huge step backwards.
At their core, the games on this compilation are still those classics you know and love -- they haven't changed a bit. The new "remix" features, however, are pretty much hit or miss. The games that require you to use multiple buttons in conjunction with the touch screen are incredibly annoying and frustrating. Those that require only the use of the touch screen, like Warlords or Breakout, work really well. Unfortunately, in retrospect, it feels like Retro Atari Classics was designed as a vehicle to move Atari games to Nintendo's new system. As a result, RAC comes down like a light rain instead a tempest.
Retro is in... Nintendo-fashion is commonly worn by Hot Topic-shopping teenagers, DVD sets like He-Man are out, with Thundercats on it’s way to stores, and game compilations like Sonic Mega Collection and Mega Man Anniversary Collection have been coming out in increasing numbers and selling well. Retro is in and Atari knows it. That is why it’s no surprise to see a game like Retro Atari Classics come out for the Nintendo DS. There isn’t anything more more retro in the world of videogames than some classics from Atari and the DS’ touch screen might make for a good replacement for some of the more unique control styles used in these arcade classics.
Sliced Gaming (GameBiz)
Maybe you're thinking I'm spoilt - reared in the SNES era, expecting bigger and better things as each day passes, but I really found nothing much to enjoy about this game. The game has exceeding clumsy touch control (if it even works), and the graffiti mixes are horrible. I can't say I thought I was having fun at any point in the game. I mean...Pong? Pong! If you're dying to relive the classics, buy the actual Atari system and all the games - it can hardly set you back more than $20. At least you'll play the original, and won't have to face the travesty of the remixed modes.
Retro Atari Classics is the sort of game that's unpleasing to every possible audience.
Nintendo Life
Retro Atari Classics should have been an excellent collection given the extra space, control options and superior hardware of the DS, but unfortunately it falls pretty far short of Atari Anniversary Advance in the quality stakes. Die-hard fans of arcade classics will certainly find this collection worthwhile for a handful of the included titles, but we cannot make a general recommendation due to the rather poor treatment these games have received overall.
Cheat Code Central
I really don't see the point of this game. It seems totally rushed. The controls don't always work and when they do they don't work as good as they should. For a game system that's based on a new form of control I hope that Retro Atari Classics is just an anomaly.
40 (UK)
Now that I've made the successful transformation from winsome retro kid into ranting Victor Meldrew, there's little more to say about Retro Atari Classics other than it's your veritable cast iron "mixed bag" of timeless gems and pointless curios in which some work well on the DS, some don't and as long as you can deny all knowledge of seeing the Remix mode retro gamers won't be totally offended. They might expect to pay a little less than the asking price, though, and might reasonably expect that the next publisher to try this trick will throw a whole lot more than a mere 10 games in order to extract the folding stuff from our wallets.
Dieses Experiment ging in die Hose: Über die bizarren Optik-Spielereien lässt sich zwar noch unter 'Geschmackssache' streiten, aber gut sehen die Graffiti-Varianten so oder so nicht aus. Was mich viel mehr ärgert ist die Tatsache, dass die Automaten so mies umgesetzt wurden: Bei den Vektorspielen ist ohne Lupe häufig kaum noch was zu erahnen, "Centipede" wiederum kommt dank Zwangszoom viel zu klobig daher. Die Stylus-Steuerungen fallen mit wenigen Ausnahmen als sinnlos oder unhandlich durch und machen keinen Spaß. Am schlimmsten erwischt es ausgerechnet "Tempest", das sich erst gar nicht mehr normal spielen lässt. Als Skurrilität im Wandschrank sind diese "Classics" vielleicht geeignet, für richtigen Retro-Spaß jedoch weniger.
Given a choice between these broken versions of classics or simply not having these games on DS at all, I think in the end I'd rather have not had them. At least then there'd have been hope that someone could have done them justice, someday. But there's no hope at all for Retro Classics.
La vague retro fait décidément du dégât. Déjà repoussant sur GBA, ce nouvel essai de compilation de noms cultes se viande encore sur DS. Trop peu de jeux, une refonte graphique plus que paresseuse et une jouabilité qui défit les lois du game design. Tout ça pour jouer à Pong et à Asteroids ?
The Video Game Critic
Sprint and Gravitar are practically unplayable due to their touchy controls. I've played decent versions of Pong, Breakout, and Lunar Lander in my time, but these renditions are just slow and boring as hell. Perhaps the worst travesty is the "remixed graphics" option. Missile Command's new skyline looks fine, but Centipede's day-glow colors and pink hearts (in lieu of mushrooms) will have you reaching for a barf bag. Retro Atari is a total sham that does a great disservice to a lot of legendary games. If you see this one on the shelves, keep walking.